A dream visit from Loki in disguise

Before I took a nap today, I prayed to Loki and asked Him to visit my dreams, and He did, but He masqueraded as Marvel-Loki.
Now, I’m not a Marvel-Hiddles-Loki fan. In fact, I don’t feel quite comfortable with Loki disguising Himself as Marvel-Loki. I’ve had a few dreams during the past couple of years where Loki has put on the Marvel-Loki disguise, and showed me a vulnerable side, and made me feel like I want to save Him and take care of Him. I can agree that Marvel-Hiddles-Loki is good-looking, but I’m not a fangirl.

In my dream I had accidentally discovered a portal into another universe, another reality, and I came across Marvel-Loki on the run from SHIELD and the Avengers. I told him I had a portal to another reality where he could escape for a while and be safe. He agreed to follow me through the portal. I think it closed behind us, but Marvel-Loki knew how to open such portals himself, when he was fully rested. He didn’t bring the staff that had corrupted and twisted his mind.

I brought him home with me.
He looked exhausted, so I bade him sit down, and I made some meat and cheese sandwiches for us, and brought out a couple of bottles of beer.
He looked so vulnerable, and it made me want to take care of him.

I tried to teach him about mindfulness, about not brooding over the past or worrying about the future. I tried to teach him to let that go, and to be present in the moment, to relax and just be. To be present in the moment and find joy in small things. Like walking on the beach, eating ice cream, and sitting in the sun. We ran into the ocean and splashed water at each other, and we were both laughing. It seemed for a while that Marvel-Loki was simply happy, that he found joy in simply being.
We spent some time together, there was nothing romantic or sexual about our relationship; we were friends and we enjoyed each other’s company. We became so close we established a telepathic link.

But then Marvel-Loki began to brood about the past again and he wanted to go back to his own reality and continue his fight. I showed him where the portal had appeared the first time and he manipulated time and space and opened a portal to his own reality. He went through, I hesitated, but then I jumped through after him, before the portal closed.

When I exited, I couldn’t see Marvel-Loki anywhere, but I ran into some SHIELD agents who recognised me from surveillance tapes from the area where the portal first opened. They took me prisoner and led me to one of those hovering headquarters. I was put in a cell, awaiting interrogation.
A female agent came and sneered at me and told me they had ways to make people talk, like drilling into the nerves of teeth without anaesthetics.
I panicked and tried to reach out to Marvel-Loki via our telepathic bond, and yell for help because I thought they were going to torture me. I warned him that it might be a trap.

Then I woke up.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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4 Responses to A dream visit from Loki in disguise

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I’m so glad you decided to post this! I’d hate that last part though. I had a similar nightmare this week about a bunch of doctors trying to trick me into staying at a hospital so they could pump experimental drugs into me, but I told them no and walked out.

    • Amber Drake says:

      At least you were able to walk out.
      I have dreams where I’m trapped against my will, and then they either want to pull all my teeth out or drill in them without anaesthetics. I hate those dreams. I have to pull myself out of them before they start.

  2. Moon Rouge says:

    I am so happy He never chose Marvel disguise for me. I have nothing against Marvel Loki, except wherever you look there sure is one. On other hand you had great fast paced dream!

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