I’m a Norwegian woman in my late 40s. In my mundane life I’m a librarian and an archivist (with a bachelor in library and information science). I am currently disabled.
I’m an old Norse Faith Pagan, a Forn Sed Heathen, and one of Loki’s mortal spouses.
My Path is that of a mystic. Sacred Queenship is also part of my Path.
I am a devotional polytheist, and not a reconstructionist. Personal gnosis is an important part of my spiritual life.
I’m a hard polytheist, i.e.: I see the Gods as real, distinct, separate individuals – not as archetypes, metaphors or aspects of one great God/Goddess.

Just to make it perfectly clear:
Being one of a God’s mortal spouses does not mean that I’m a speshul snowflake, or that I’m better, or more worthy than other devotees of a Deity.
There are many different types of close, devotional relationships between Gods and mortals; this is just one of them.
What I write about in this blog are my experiences and my beliefs.

I read a lot of mythology as a child. My favourites were Norse, Egyptian and Greek mythology.
Being a Norwegian I also learned about my Viking ancestor’s religious beliefs and culture in school.
In my early teens I tried to be a Christian, and had a Christian Confirmation. As I studied Christianity for the preparation to the Confirmation, I found nothing that really resonated with my heart in this religion.
After my Confirmation, I became an atheist. I also became a feminist, and kneeling to a patriarchal deity didn’t feel right.
In my early 20s, I became interested in paganism and magick. I read about several paths, and began to worship the Goddess, which fit with my feminist POV. I believed that all deities were just facets of one Divine Force. I was drawn to Egyptian myths, and set up an altar where I honoured Bast and Sekhmet. I only had a couple of paranormal experiences, though, and none I can call spiritual. I tried to do some magick rituals and spells, but as far as I could see, nothing worked at all, so I gave up on it.
In my 30s, I became a pagan agnostic. Which is kind of funny, since I had my first paranormal experience when I was 31, back in 1997. I half woke one morning and noticed that a man was lying against my back, with his arm around my waist. This was physically impossible, as my bed was very narrow and there wasn’t room enough behind me for someone else. I thought: “oh, that’s nice”, and fell asleep again. This entity would continue to visit me at random, holding me as I was balancing between being asleep and awake. He never spoke to me, though, or visited me in my dreams.

In my early 40s, I was very into the “Supernatural” fandom, and one of the characters on that show was a Trickster God – who turned out to be the archangel Gabriel in disguise who turned out to have been pretending to be Loki. I read a lot of fan-fiction about this character, and then began to re-read all the old Norse myths about Loki to find inspiration to write a few fan-fictions myself.
During the autumn of 2010 when I was 44, I, an agnostic, suddenly began to wonder if I had a patron or matron deity. Someone who could help me change my life, as I felt stuck and uninspired. Now it seems like it was Loki giving me a subtle push.
One night I prayed to the Divine, asking if I had a matron or patron deity, and if She/He was willing to contact me and work with me. Then I prayed to Loki in particular, an informal prayer going something like “Hi, You’re my favourite deity, and I would like to work with You. Would You like to work with me?” To me, Loki represented change.
Some days later, Loki began to show up in my dreams; He had accepted my invitation.
I wasn’t sure He was my Patron until He Claimed me as His, which He did in a dream visit in January 2011. I fell in love with Him then.
It wasn’t until He Claimed me that I realised He had been with me since 1997, as what I just called “The Presence in my bed”.
In February 2011 Loki told me He wanted us to get married. My response? (After first having asked if He was serious, like really really serious, and not joking; I had never heard about godspouses back then.) “OK!” Of course I didn’t say “no”; I was very much in love.
In June 2011 I gave Loki a marriage oath and nun vows. At the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I do not regret it, though, even though it has been a difficult and very bumpy journey so far.

So, before Loki appeared, I was a pagan agnostic and a theoretical soft polytheist..
Suddenly finding out that Gods are real and individual beings was a major paradigm shift.
This journal is one of the ways I’m trying to adjust; by writing things down.

One of my major interests have always been dreams. I’ve always had dreams which I remember vividly. Dreams can be used as tools, for things like confronting fears and learning about yourself.

People in different cultures have for thousands of years believed that the Gods communicate with mortals through dreams.
I believe that, too, and it is indeed my experience that it is so.

I can be contacted at: darkamber [at] darkamber [dot] net

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  2. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir says:

    ^^ Loki is a great teacher 🙂

  3. Natasha says:

    I emailed you. If you cannot find my email, please do shoot me one. My email is marinesis123[at]hotmail[dot]com

  4. Ian Elliott (Quicksilver) says:

    Dear Amber, What a fascinating account! As you know, we are both hard polytheists. For patrons I hover between Hermes and the Celtic god Cernunnos. Warm regards from your friend, Ian

  5. Ian says:

    I’ve missed getting together. I enjoy your company. Let’s meet soon.

  6. Ian says:

    Neo-Pagan Freedom
    by Ian Elliott October 28, 2014

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, writing about Neo-Paganism, claims one of its weaknesses is a lack of God’s plan for humanity and, presumably, for the universe as a whole. Precisely. That is just what we like about Neo-Paganism. For if there is no transcendent creator God, imbuing the universe with his purposes, then we and all other beings are free to form our own purposes. If I so choose, I can align my purposes with those of the gods, or of some god, though I am well-advised to avoid limiting myself to one of them, as that way lies obsession and inflating a god to the position of a transcendent God.
    If the absolute reality is a place, not a person, then there are no absolute purposes. Persons have purposes, not places. The gods bring order into chaos and work to maintain an orderly cosmic home, on whatever level of the universe they find themselves to be. I can pitch in and help them, as a resident of that home, to maintain order on my level; but I am not constrained to follow some patent or blueprint of behavior.
    Alan Watts, an interpreter of Zen to the West, once made the statement that there is no reason to suppose the universe has any definite plans for the future. We are therefore free to play and goof off, or, if we feel like it, to pursue some project. No one is keeping a book of marks and giving us golden stars on one day and black marks on another. The gods of nature have their own preoccupations. While the christian God is obsessed with mankind, the gods, bless them, are not. They have their own fish to fry.
    That is the freedom we Neo-Pagans enjoy every day and night.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I can see I’m not a Neo-Pagan according to this definition.
      I’m more of a henotheistic, devotional polytheist; I only regularly worship Loki. My heart is on fire for Him. I don’t care if that sounds obsessive; He is my Great Love. That does not inflate Him to the position of a transcendent God, however.
      I do believe that Loki has a Plan for me. What is currently important is our relationship, and working on myself.
      I believe that the Gods have Plans for all those They have Touched personally.
      I thought had chosen Loki, but it turned out that He had already chosen me, several years before I invited Him in by name. He did some very subtle nudging to get me to invite Him.

  7. I do like the scene where the trickster god turns out to be Gabriel then Loki! Clever shapeshiftings.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I’ve read some really good fan fiction where Gabriel and Loki combined forces and shared Loki’s body on Earth. Gabriel freed Loki, and they shared Loki’s body. So Gabriel lived for centuries as Loki.

  8. Melody says:

    I like your website. Hail Loki & all the Gods!!

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