A mystic’s dark night.

The dark night of the soul.

Walking the mystic's path

It is so easy to write when your soul is free to fly. Soaring to the beloved waiting arms.  I feel so sad enough to die. But I say nothing to cause any trouble or alarm. The high of divine love is gone. In its place is the stark empty pit. My soul no longer can sing my lover’s song. Alone in the blackness I sit. Where are you, breath of my soul? I move about without any light. My mortal flesh has turned cold. My soul no longer has the mystic’s sight.

Yes this is the true dark night for me. Abandoned by my Divinity. What is it to be? Let this not be my eternity. Come again, fire from the heights! Take pity, have mercy, give me release. Touch me once more, to my great delight. Let all torment now cease. Restore my soul, your once dwelling place…

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Finally, a visit from Loki

I haven’t had any contact with Loki since February 27th.
On Tuesday night, the 22nd, He visited me briefly in a dream.

I’m in a semi-dark room. The room is lit by a candle on a small table in the middle of the room. At the back of the room against the wall is a queen sized bunk bed. I’m sitting cross-legged on it with my back to the room.
There are three people sitting on the bed with me. Two in front of me and one to my left. I can’t see their faces.
Suddenly a man appears sitting to my right. I can’t see His face, but I know that familiar presence well; it is Loki. He’s dressed in a black shirt, black trousers and He’s wearing black boots. His hair is shoulder length and thick. Our arms are touching. He leans towards me and puts His arm around my waist. Then He sings to me in a low voice:
“I will sit down and pray with you.”
He sings it to me twice, then He vanishes.

I’m unsure of what He meant. He will pray with me? To whom?

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Friends of Loki Forum

Half Fool Moon


The forum is back for a while, it is very silent, perhaps because nearly nobody knows.

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Strip Me Back To The Bone

So, I made a thing.

What are my goals with this new site?

Celebrating diversity in contemporary polytheism with a strong emphasis on building up. I want to honor our differences without having to use divisive language. I want there to be a visible, vocal alternative to the would-be gatekeepers. If the polytheist movement is to be a thing, I want it to be a diverse thing.  Mostly: I want those finding their way to polytheism, and those who are maybe not new to polytheism but new to interacting with other polytheists online to see that not all polytheists online are eager to tell them what they’re doing wrong.

I’m planning on purchasing a domain once I have the money for it, and I really want this to be about us, and not about me. It’s been suggested that questions get fielded, to keep conversation going, and my mind turns…

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burden of Sigyn’s arms

A poem about Sigyn by Sannion.

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People Forget…

A poem about Loki by Galina Krasskova.

Gangleri's Grove

People forget,
When they paint their nails
And gush about how sweet He is
And how He looks like that movie star
(you know the one)
how He soothes their egos
telling them
what pretty little snowflakes they are

that He stood with His brothers in that gasping gap
and slaughtered his own ancestor,
a sleeping giant who never did harm to anyone
(never did any good either, or so I’m told).

People forget
(tumblr makes forgetting easy)
that this is a God who rolled up His sleeves
whet the point of His spear,
took an ax
with forty whacks,
helped hack old Ymir up.

He split that oafish bastard’s skull
And sucked the marrow from His bones

and went about the bloody work
of making the worlds run.

When He was done,
He licked that ancestral blood from his lips
With a hearty smack.

People forget that.

They forget…

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