Poem: “Sigyn, Sweetheart” and author’s notes

Bat Bruja

Sigyn, Sweetheart

Hail Sigyn, sweetheart,
stance amidst the flood,
hair trailing on mottled stone.
The weary bow bending, sagging,
but refusing
to drop,
after drip.

Sigyn, unceasing,
you are the promise we keep.
The daughter who holds a flat palm, wall palm,
to the father.
The mother
with twin on each breast,
and water in her eyes
that knows the heft of ice,
the set of ice,
though melted
and warm.

Sigyn, steadfast,
soft belly, ferocious song,
may you ever find victory
in your absolute will.

(Bat Collazo, 2018)

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Poem: Loki Speaks – An Explanation of my Oath to the Flamehaired One

Karlesha Silverros

I’m putting this out slightly under duress, but perhaps it’s time it comes out.

I’ve said I have an oath to Loki, and I do.  But the type of oath I have is one that in the past people have scoffed at, especially with the Marvel Loki being Tom Hiddleston, who is absolutely very easy on the eyes. I of course am talking about the oath of a Godspouse.

Pagans who don’t believe in Godspouses are going to scoff and claim it has something to do with either with a person not being mentally there, wanting attention in some way, kidding themselves, trying to feel more important than they are..and lots of other reasons.  Especially when it comes to Loki. When the Marvel Loki first hit the silver screen there was a litany of love for him from many a young lady. And that litany was full of fights between…

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Spectrosexuality: Spirit Sex and God Spousery


Some call it “spectrophilia.” I’d be more likely to call it “entheosex,” but avid explorers of entheogens have already coined that term to mean sex while using psychedelics. As a sexologist and sexuality counselor, I think I’ll be most comfortable using the terms “spectrosexual” and “spectrosexuality.” I believe many people may experience these desires in the context of a full-blown sexual and affectionate orientation rather than as a fetish. That’s my premise–and it’s based on a hunch, not data. 


Today’s blog outlines my initial attempts to understand this phenomena in a sexological context: people who say they have sex with spirits and deities (or who desire this), and those who claim committed relationships with such beings. Much as I did when I began to learn about objectum sexuality (Love Among the Objectum Sexuals), I begin by trying to view this phenomena by many different angles, including a sexological lens, and…

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Godspouse 101: FAQs and my experiences

Bat Bruja

Take a look at several definitions of marriage and the etymology of wedlock. The gist of things involves a union, joining, mingling, or combining of two (or more) disparate components, and the act of following through on a pledge.

Keep these broad definitions in mind throughout this post, as I delve into the controversial aspect of religion and spirit work known as godspousery, or marriage to gods or spirits. Direct from the mouth (or in this case, fingers) of one of the more infamous categories of godspouses: a Lokean godspouse.

So, what is a godspouse?

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July for Loki: Third Pair

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July for Loki, 1-12

1 July: “I first discovered Loki when…”

I read about him in Norse mythology books as a child. As far as I can remember he wasn’t portrayed as evil in the Norwegian books I read.

I rediscovered Him when I was 44 and invited Him into my life.

2 July: “My favourite story of Loki is that time that…”

The time Loki and Thor went to visit Utgards-Loki. Loki’s eating contest with Logi.

Another favourite is when They dress up Thor as Freyja to get His hammer back from Thrym.

3 July: “Whenever I see ____, it makes me think of Loki. Other things that remind me of him are…”

Magpies remind me of Loki.
Other things are foxes, snakes, flies, spiders, horses, salmons, falcons and seals. And fire.

4 July: When–if ever–was the first time you felt afraid of Loki?

I have never felt afraid of Him. He’s never given me any reason to fear Him.

5 July: When–if ever–was the first time you felt loved by Loki?

When He Claimed me in a dream about a month after He first began to appear to me in dreams. I fell in love with Him then.

6 July: Do you believe that Loki and Lothur from the creation myth are the same god? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe They are the same god. In other stories we have the trio of Loki, Odin and Hoenir. In the story about the creation of the first humans we have Lóðurr, Odin and Hoenir.

7 July: What colours/smells/animals do you personally associate with Loki? Do these line up with what you see on other people’s blogs? How does that make you feel?

Colours: Fire colours (orange and red), black, green. Black because He usually wears black when He visits me in dreams. Green for His eyes. Orange and red for His hair.

Smells: Bonfire smoke and cinnamon.

Animals: Magpies, foxes, horses, seals, falcoms, salmons, spiders, snakes, flies.

Some of these line up with what I’ve seen other people post on blogs and in groups. That makes me happy.

8 July: What do you think Loki’s relationship with Freyja is like? Feel free to replace Freyja with another god/dess or answer the question for multiple deities.

I think Loki has a good working relationship with Freyja. He’s been known to introduce His devotees to Her. I think they were lovers once.

I think Loki has a good relationship with Odin and Thor. I think Loki and Odin were lovers in the beginning of their relationship. Loki and Odin are blood-brothers.

I think Loki has a good relationship with Freyr. I think they have been lovers. I’ve seen several UPG on this.

9 July: How would you describe your relationship with Loki if you wanted to explain it to someone within the Lokean community?

I’d say Loki is a very good friend and my Husband.

10 July: How would you describe your relationship with Loki if you wanted to explain it to someone outside the Lokean community?

I’d say Loki is a very good friend. I wouldn’t mention that He’s my Husband due to the intolerance of godspouses in the larger Pagan/Heathen community.

11 July: What offerings do you like to make to Loki? Is there anything that you consider ‘not traditional’ among the community? If so, what is it?

On Saturdays I light a candle and incense or scented oil for Him and give Him a shot of Fireball whisky.
I burn different scented incense and oils for Him. I’ve burnt rose incense and now I’m burning lilac oils. I don’t think that is traditional.

12 July: What are some charitable organisations that you think Loki would be a member of? Would you like to be/are you a member of any of them? Why or why not?

LGBTQA+ rights, human rights women’s rights, animal rights, organisations that help homeless people, mental health rights.
I’m a member of WWF and Noah (a Norwegian animal rights organisation). I also sign petitions from Avaaz, SumofUs and Amnesty.

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