Loki’s Torch Anthology

This is a great collection of devotional work from the Lokean community–artwork, poems, fiction, articles, rituals, and even recipes!

Print on demand or PDF. Published by Loki University.

Read more here: https://ladyofthelake.blog/2019/08/01/publication-party-lokis-torch-anthology/

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LokiFest Conference

LokiFest is an online conference organized by Amy Marsh, who is part of the production team for Loki’s Torch. It is a 5-day event running from tomorrow, August 5th, to Friday, August 9th from 6pm – 9pm EST (schedule is listed in PST as she lives on the West Coast).

On August 8th, I will be giving a presentation entitled The Importance of Discernment and the Danger of Imposters. I will be discussing what exactly discernment is, how to apply its practice in your life, and how to recognize and deal with imposter spirits when they show up.

Other presenters include Amy Marsh, Dagulf Loptson, Diana Paxson, and Silence Maestas. You can find more information here: LokiFest Schedule and Presenter Bios

Original post: https://apolytheisticlife.com/2019/08/04/lokifest-conference/

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Month for Loki, 6: Trickster (poetry)


A lovely poem about Loki by Sophie Oberlander:


by Sophie Oberlander

“I never sought You.
Those places deep within my heart were far too burned and scarred
To let You in, hard like misshapen stone.
Or so I thought. But I gave much
The first time I hung on that Tree.
Not enough, by far, but just enough to shatter that wall of stone
The barest fragment breaking free.
I heard Your whisper, but turned aside my face
You could not be speaking to me.
I felt Your gentle touch cradling my wounded spirit
As You cradled Odin,
His body bloodied, His spirit on fire beneath that Tree
Long before I climbed its branches.
Was it through Your laughter that You taught me to love You?
Or through the tenderness of Your caress?
I have seen a face of You that few bother to see.
I have felt Your…

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Imposters Among Us

b.AM Muses

Religion has always been a susceptible tool to be used for abuse. People will claim to speak for deity, and sometimes even claim to BE deity. To a rational person, these people should be easy to recognize. At the very least, that’s what we often tell ourselves. That’s not to say that those who fall for it are at fault. The human mind is a complex thing that colors our choices with emotions that can make it difficult to discern when something is not quite right. Believers in a god/dess may sometimes become insecure in their relationship with deity. They may then grasp onto anything that makes them feel like there’s a connection. This is why those who would take advantage of that as a way to manipulate others are so dangerous. They know how to recognize an easy target and play on their emotions.

The issue is further complicated…

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Happy Father’s Day

Gangleri's Grove

Fathers-Day-2019-Images-Wallpapers-Quotes-Wishes-And-Greetings-2019Day 5 – For Loki

You, Loki, are the most tender-hearted of Gods.
No one knows this save Sigyn. You keep it well hidden,
preferring to present to the world a mask of careless abandon,
and to Your family a façade of unbreakable strength.
Sigyn is onto You though, this wife Whom You love beyond all others.
She knows You well and She has seen Your eyes, bright and shining
as You cradled Your sons in Your arms. She has seen You,
when all masks fall away as You play and wrestle with Your children,
those You have with Her, and those shapeshifting wildlings: serpent, wolf,
and Lady of grace and death. You are laughing, loving clay in Their little sometimes grubby, hands.

She has seen, Oh Wildfire God, the joy with which You scoop Them up,
sweet and clumsy little toddlers with their delightful cries of “Papa.”
She has…

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LokiFest CA Moving Forward


Read more here: https://ladyofthelake.blog/2019/05/27/lokifest-ca-moving-forward/

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