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July for Loki, 1-12

1 July: “I first discovered Loki when…” I read about him in Norse mythology books as a child. As far as I can remember he wasn’t portrayed as evil in the Norwegian books I read. I rediscovered Him when I … Continue reading

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Month for Loki, Day 7: One Meaningful Offering

Originally posted on bloodteethandflame:
? Recently, I was having a conversation with another Lokean, and we were talking about the importance of making offerings. Though it was not my intent to put undue pressure on anyone to make elaborate offerings…

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Month for Loki, Day 6: Because this time he did not need to chase you

Originally posted on bloodteethandflame:
This. ( Back in April 2017, I read the above beautifully written post – titled ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Devotion’ shared on my WordPress feed – written by Alex of Wildwood and Wild Hunt. It is…

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July for Loki: Two More

Originally posted on Half Fool Moon:
Different linework and  a colored version  

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July , One for Loki

Originally posted on Half Fool Moon:
One of many various Loki drawings I am recently working on. Some are finished and some not yet. This is only the linework, but since is July…. here it is

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Dream visit from Loki

Loki visited me in my dreams last night. We were sitting cross legged, facing each other. Loki was smiling at me. I got the impression of love and caring. He had shoulder length orange hair and gold earrings. He was … Continue reading

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