Loki – Articles, blogposts, etc.

“Writings on Loki” – links to writings by miscellaneous authors @ northernpaganism.org
“The Figure of Loki in Germanic Mythology” – Frank Stanton Cawley
“Loki’s Role in the Northern Religions” – Kveldulf Gundarsson (Dr. Stephan Scott Grundy) @ Nikarev Leshy’s blog
“Loki, the Vätte, and the Ash Lad: A Study Combining Old Scandinavian and
Late Material.”
– Eldar Heide (direct link to PDF)
“The Demonization of Loki – Part I: The Role of Loki in the Eddas” – Galina Krasskova @ “Pantheon”
“The Demonization of Loki – Part II: Loki as a Trickster Figure” – Galina Krasskova
“The Demonization of Loki – Part III: Loki in Contemporary American Heathenry” – Galina Krasskova
Blog posts on Loki – Gallina Krasskova @ Gangleri’s Grove
“PBP: L is for Loki” – Galina Krasskova @ “Gangleri’s Grove”
“Scar-Lip, Sky-Walker, and Mischief-Monger: The Norse God Loki as Trickster” – Shawn Christopher Krause-Loner
“The Flying Noaidi of the North: Sámi Tradition Reflected in the Figure Loki Laufeyjarson in Old Norse Mythology” – Triin Laindoner – page 59, Scripta Icelandica, 63/2012 (direct link to PDF)
“Odin and Loki: A Comparison of Two Tricksters” – Liz @ One of Loki’s
“4 (Real) Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean” – Geitir Lokavinr @ Reading Heathenism
“Kennings, Heiti, and Other Alternate Names for Loki” – Geitir Lokavinr
“Nine FAQ about Loki and Ásatrú” – Geitir Lokavinr
“What is a Lokean” – Dagulf Loptson @ polytheist.com
“Loke in younger tradition” – Axel Olrik @ archive.org
“About Loki” – Elizabeth Vongvisith @ archive.org
“Some Words on Lokean Mysticism” – Elizabeth Vongvisith @ archive.org


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