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“Loki, different people can have different UPGs on one story, or part of one story. Are both versions true?” Yes and no. “So different versions of the same story can both be true and false?” Yes. “This is part of … Continue reading

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Clueless wifey strikes again…

There was something important I needed to talk to Loki about, so I asked Bridget if she would be willing to horse Loki for me, and she was. When we chatted, she mentioned that the last few times we’d chatted, … Continue reading

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Communicating with Loki

After some weeks of meditation I’m beginning to be able to “hear” Loki when I’m awake, sometimes. I thought I would hear Him as a clear, distinct voice in my head, like a couple of voices I’ve heard a couple … Continue reading

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Chatting with Loki

It's easy to tell the difference between an experience in the hypnagogic state, and in the dream state. In the hypnagogic between state, I only have one sense at a time; either touch or hearing. Last night I was visited by … Continue reading

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