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UPG and “woo”

I am not a reconstructionist. I am a devotional polytheist. There has been a lot of UGP and “woo” in my practise. UPG means “unverified personal gnosis” where “gnosis” means “knowlege”. I have seen that some people have begun to use … Continue reading

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Oathing and discernment

Some blog posts about oathing and discernment: “Discernment for Godspouses” by Dver @ A Forest Door “So you wanna be a godspouse?” by Beth @ Wytch of the North “Theurgic binding: or, “S#!t just got real”” by Morpheus Ravenna @ … Continue reading

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Using discernment in dealing with people

There is a lot of unnecessary drama in Pagan communities. I wish people would judge others based on direct interaction, by what they say and do, instead of listening to rumours and gossip. If person B spreads negative rumours about … Continue reading

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Lokeans: the Next Generation

Some blog posts worth reading: We Can Learn A Lot From Things That Annoy Us, Or What I Figured Out About The Proliferation Of Loki’s Wives Online – by Del In Response to Del’s; Struggle – by extralizard13 Comment on extalizard13’s … Continue reading

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A Rant, More Or Less

Originally posted on Felix Culpa, O Fortunate Fall:
I was originally going to write this yesterday, but I realized that I was way too frustrated to get the message across without being potentially offensive and abrasive. So here’s the refined…

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Discernment – “God-phone” and signal clarity

I’ve only had a “god-phone” connection since Freyr became part of the mix, and that was at the beginning of April. It’s a connection like via an analog modem; and there is a very limited amount of info that can … Continue reading

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