Books – Non-fiction

  • “Visual magick: a manual of freestyle shamanism” – Jan Fries
  • “Trickster makes this world: mischief, myth, an art” – Lewis Hyde
  • “Exploring The Northern Tradition: A Guide To The Gods, Lore, Rites And Celebrations From The Norse, German And Anglo-saxon Traditions” – Galina Krasskova.
  • “Asatru for beginners” – Erin Lale
  • “Playing with fire: an exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson” – Dagulf Loptson
  • “Walking the heartroad: the devotional path for Spirit-Workers” – Silence Maestas
  • “Essential Asatru: Walking the Path of Norse Paganism” – Diana L. Paxson and Isaac Bonewits
  • “Taking up the runes: a complete guide to using runes in spells, rituals, divination, and magic” – Diana L. Paxon
  • “Spiritual protection: a safety manual for energy workers, healers, and psychics” – Sophie Reicher
  • “Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits” – Donald Tyson

Devotionals, poetry

  • “Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family” – Galina Krasskova
  • “Sigyn: Lady of the Staying Power” – Galina Krasskova
  • “From the Heart, For the Heart” – Tracy Nichols
  • “Hearts and Loins On Fire” – Tracy Nichols
  • “Love Songs For Laufey’s Son” – Tracy Nichols
  • “Be Thou My Heart and Shield” – Elizabeth Vongvisith
  • “Love and Shadows” – Elizabeth Vongvisith
  • “Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey’s Son” – Elizabeth Vongvisith

These books can be found at Amazon or at Lulu.

4 Responses to Books – Non-fiction

  1. Written in Venom is awesome. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve even shared it with friends who have all loved it.

    • Darkamber says:

      It’s an interesting re-telling, but I didn’t like how any of the gods were portrayed; too black/white.
      My favourite re-telling is “Loki: Why I Began the End”. It has humour and not starkly black/white characters.

      • I think I enjoyed it mostly because it was nice to see Loki not portrayed as just a dick for the sake of being a dick, which I see a lot in modern interpretations of the myth. It definitely has it’s flaws, but all fiction does. I enjoyed it as a story.

  2. esaja says:

    thats a good reading list.
    thanks for mentioning the “spiritual protection” book, it went straight to my wish-list.
    thanks also for mentioning elizabeth’s books. reminds me that i wanted to read more of her work. “trickster, my beloved” is so awesome.

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