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Dream visit: Magick

Loki just visited my dreams and spoke to me, for the first time in a year and a half. He gave me a brief introduction to magick. *** It’s dusk, and I am sitting on a very tall, grassy hill, … Continue reading

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Loki lookalike

“Bloody Last Kiss” by =Pryate (Just imagine him wearing one of the runes associated with Loki. ^_^ )

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Loki lookalike

original: Immortal Adonis by *MathiaArkoniel on deviantART Make the hair waist-length and deep scarlet, the eyes slightly larger and a bit slanted (and emerald green) and the mouth a tiiiny bit further down, and this is pretty close to how … Continue reading

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Loki look-alike

This is amazingly alike (face and hair colour) to how Loki appeared in the last dream where I could see His face clearly. The Loki I saw had shorter hair; about an inch above His shoulders. He has never appeared … Continue reading

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Loki in art

“Loki’s Payback” by Piotr Cieslinski This looks a lot like how Loki appeared to me in a dream last week. Ginger hair, pale skin, a few freckles across his nose and very blue eyes. He had the most beautiful eyes … Continue reading

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