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Neopagan Survey: Spectrosexuality and God Spousery

Originally posted on LadyOfTheLake:
Hey there, Neopagans! If you have ever had a sexy experience with an unseen being (or an emotionally intense romantic experience) or if you are in a committed relationship (god spouse, god consort, etc.) with one…

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Salmon of Irony

Originally posted on mainer74:
It came to me in a whisper from an Alf.  I was making my offerings to the landwights, to the alfs and wights of the grove and stream when an Alf who usually dreamed in a…

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“The burden of Sigyn’s arms”

Originally posted on The House of Vines:
She sits on a rock while a cold wind blows her knotted hair and the tattered, filthy remnants of her once lovely gown. Before she was the fairest of all the Ásynjur; now…

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Day I : To Loki

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
You rose up from the primordial grime hand in hand with Your brothers, savage yet determined fury under the light of a cold-bladed moon. You destroyed Your ancestor, ruined Him, the indolent breeder, clotted…

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Loki: Guardian of Sacrifice

Originally posted on A Polytheistic Life:
One of my favorite myths about Loki is the one in which he kidnaps Idunn because it is the myth that I feel best demonstrates his character. In the most common version of the…

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Originally posted on All Their Voices:
Some gods just want to watch the world burn. Sometimes I do. And sometimes you handle that quite nicely on your own. A friend once said: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” You aren’t…

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