Misc – Articles, blogposts, etc.

•”7 Spirit Rules (Or, How Not To Accidentally Sell Your First Born in the Otherworlds)” – Dusken/Kristin @ “The Bad Witch Files”
“The Spirits 101 Series” – Dusken @ “Adventures on the Dusken Path”
•”Spirits 101: Consent for Spirit-Walkers” – Dusken
•”Spirits 101: Victim-Shaming, YOUR consent, And Spirit-Walking”  – Dusken


“Dealing with Tricksters” – Ember Cook @ “EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir”
“The Only Thing” by Dver @ “A Forest Door”
“On Oaths” by Grumpy Lokean Elder @ Tumblr
“Godaþegn and Godatheow” – Hrafn @ “The Gods’ Mouth”‘
“Theurgic binding: or, “S#!t just got real”” by Morpheus Ravenna @ “Banshee Arts”
“What The Norns Told Me” – Raven Kaldera @ “The Gods’ Mouth”(About different relationships between deities and mortals)
“God-Bothered” – Anya Kless @ “The God’s Mouth”
“God Sex” – Del Tashlin @ “Sex, Gods and Rock Stars”

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