Finally a dream visit from Loki

I dreamt I was in the living room of a friend’s house. We had only lit a few candles, so the room was semi-dark. We were doing a magick ritual to open a portal to Elsewhere. We were dancing to gather energy for the spell.
My friend were spinning towards a corner and she suddenly disappeared, and I knew we had succeeded. So I did the same thing, spinning towards the corner–

–and next thing I know I’m standing in a huge field of grass, surrounded by several concentric circles of beautifully carved wooden portals. Around the field were brilliantly green birches and above was a clear blue summer sky. At the top of each portal a god or goddesses name was carved in runes, and I knew that these portals lead to each deity’s Realm. I looked for a portal belonging to Loki, but I couldn’t see any. I could see a portal belonging to Thor, though, so I thought I’d go through it and ask if He had seen Loki, since They are good friends.

I went through the portal and found myself outside a small village surrounding a large hill. On top of the hill was a large hall made of stone. I had thought that the houses would be small and wooden in Viking style, but they were far more modern. They were of bricks covered in white concrete and with dark wooden frameworks.
I spotted Thor; He was helping putting up a huge, round sign on the front of one of the houses of the village. The sign was heavy enough for two normal persons, but Thor lifted it on His own without problems. He was tall, at least two heads taller than me. He had shoulder length red hair and a well-trimmed red beard. He wore a red, short-sleeved tunic and dark brown trousers. He was very handsome, and muscular.
I didn’t want to disturb Him in His work, so I looked around for someone else to ask.

I saw Sif standing off to the right on a small, green hill. Her her shone gold in the sun; there was no mistaking Her. She wore a white, linen under dress and a blue apron dress over it. The apron dress was fastened over Her breasts with large, gold brooches, and a three-strand necklace hung between Them. She was very beautiful.
I walked up to Her and introduced myself and told Her I was looking for Loki, and had She seen Him? She told me that He had recently passed down the path to my right, which lead into a birch forest. I thanked Her and followed the path into the forest.

I finally came to a small clearing and a small field of grass and wild flowers. I saw Loki on the field. He was spinning around His own axis on His toes, and also spinning in a circle. Flames surrounded His body, and where His feet had touched the ground, the earth was burnt. He kept shifting, changing gender, age and race. I got a bit dizzy watching Him shift and spin.
“How can I communicate with you if you don’t stand still?” I asked Him.
He slowed down, span and shifted a few more times before coming to a stop in front of me, and shifting into a familiar shape. He was tall and slender, with an acrobat’s build. He only wore a pair of beige trousers. He was bare chested and bare foot. His hair was orange and flowed down His back. His eyes were so green they almost glowed. His face had fine features; slightly slanted eyes, high cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. He looked a bit elfish. He was Otherworldy beautiful, so very, very beautiful.
He looked expectantly at me, waiting for me to speak.

And then I was awakened by the cat jumping onto my bed.Argh!


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AKA Darkamber.
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8 Responses to Finally a dream visit from Loki

  1. Dangit, cats always jump up and interrupt the most crucial points! But you got to see Him!! Yes! ❤

  2. moonfire2012 says:

    That whole experience is so interesting! Damn cat though. Just when Loki was about to speak.

  3. moonfire2012 says:

    The way Loki was spinning reminds me of the Siouxue and the Banshees sing Soellbound. Funny, I think of doingvthat type of dance when I hear it. I like the description of the village. I think I would be too shy to talk to Thor or Sif.

    • Amber Drake says:

      Both Thor and Sif seemed very approachable. I just didn’t want to disturb Thor while He was working. Sif seemed both kind and gentle.

      It was rather dizzying watching Loki spin and shift. He shifted His shape, too, so He had different body types and faces and hairstyles and colouring.

  4. moonfire2012 says:

    Song Spellbound

  5. beanalreasa says:

    What a delightful dream ❤
    It is too bad that the cat interrupted it.

    I don't know why that is – but I cannot tell you how often my cats have interrupted my interactions with Loki. At least a dozen times, if not more 😕

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