Agency, Authority, and Obligation

This is very close to my own beliefs and very well written.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Devotional Polytheism is built around a few fairly consistent beliefs:

1: The Gods are many.
2: The Gods are real, distinct entities with agency.
3: We can form two-way, personal relationships with Them.

Within that scope there’s still room for a lot of variation in our beliefs and perceptions around what the Gods are, and the nature of the cosmos in which we and these gods interact, much less how we should go about interacting with Them collectively or individually.

Reading, listening, and discussing this topic with fellow Polytheists, I’m encountering a strong dichotomy between two specific positions, neither of which I agree with, both of which seem to be wrestling with the same fundamental problem: How much control do we have, and what are we responsible for controlling?

Granted, in my frustration with this false dichotomy, these are deliberately skewed towards straw figures, but here are the most extreme…

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2 Responses to Agency, Authority, and Obligation

  1. Moon Rouge says:

    Great post, worthy to reblog!
    Maybe you want post a link to it somewhere on forum? I don’t know where it would be proper. It is just and idea, do as you feel about it. 🙂

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