TPE – As above, so below

“What do you seek from the Divine?

I seek a close and intimate relationship, love, guidance and knowledge.
I’m a devotional polytheist, but in practise I’m a henotheist, someone who honours one deity, but acknowledge that others exist. I relate to Loki as a wife, and He is my Husband.

How is that reflected in the mundane?

I have an altar where I do weekly offerings, on Saturdays, which to me is Loki’s day. It’s in my living room, and it reminds me of Loki every day. I rarely pray to Loki, but I talk to Him. Loki is often in my thoughts, and I talk to Him throughout the day, and when I go to bed. I feel that my mundane and my spiritual life is not separate.
I also study Norse religion and culture, to better understand the framework around my faith.

Where do you find your place of synthesis?”

I find it in meditation and in dreams. I can sense Loki’s energy touching me when I meditate and sometimes He will visit my dreams.
I also find it in my daily chat with Him, when I’ve gone to bed. I tell Him about my day, and about what is on my mind. I can’t hear Him, but I feel that He is listening.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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