Pallomancy (using a pendulum)

I was told some years ago, by Loki, that I was good with a pendulum. So I used a pendulum to communicate with Him, before I could hear Him.

In the beginning, I used a simple “yes/no” sheet. Then I added a “yes, but/no, but” option, because many questions are more complex than a simple “yes/no”. I used my intuition to ask further questions if I got a “yes, but” or “no, but” answer.

pendulum sheet

Pendulum sheet

The ring in the middle is for “don’t know/won’t answer”. When I got this answer, the pendulum would either stand still, or move in a tiny circle.

Using this sheet, I figured out the story of my first life.
Then it turned out that I had been trolled by a spirit!
I cleansed my pendulum in salt water, and began to visualise a circle of Thurisaz runes spinning around it to ward it against trolling spirits.

runa thurisaz


I still don’t completely trust the results of a pendulum after being trolled by spirits, so if I need to ask important questions, I go to a diviner, in addition to using the pendulum.

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1 Response to Pallomancy (using a pendulum)

  1. I haven’t touched a pendulum in years, may give it a try again.

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