An experiment

I met up with my new Pagan friend MNH yesterday.
I told him that I can’t sense external energies. I have big problems sensing internal energies, too. This is frustrating, because a lot of what I’ve read about doing magick describes how you have to raise energies to fuel the spell.

He asked me if I wanted to try an experiment, to go down to the fjord and try to sense the energy of the water. He said water was the easiest element to feel the energies of.
I said yes. I didn’t really have any hope about being able to sense energies, but I could give it a shot.

So, we went down to the shore. MNH told me to hold out my hands. To visualise the water as a blue light, and to visualise this light pouring up and through my hands and into my body. I tried.
“Can you sense anything?” he asked.
Me: “Nope.”

Then he asked me to hold his hand, while he drew energy from the ocean and sent it into me. He said he’d been told he has strong energies.
MNH: “Can you sense anything?”
Me: “Nope.”

Then he tried a third thing; he asked me to close my eyes, while he put a finger on my forehead, over my third eye chakra. He told me he was trying to send me energies, and that I should visualise it as a violet light.
MNH: “Can you sense anything?”
Me: “Nope.”
MNH: “Wow, you really can’t sense energies, can you.”
Me: “Nope.”
MNH: “That’s… kind of sad.”
Me: “Well, at least I can sense energies when Loki sends it into my chakras.”

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9 Responses to An experiment

  1. Corannhena says:

    I can definitely feel Loki’s energy when he’s around, and Sigyn’s as well, although hers is a lot more subtle and it’s harder for me to pick up on it. I can’t, however, sense energy from trees/water/other stuff.

    (Loki’s told me twice now that I have ‘very powerful energy‘ inside of me though…)

  2. Moon Rouge says:

    To drew the energy in, from an element, is difficult for me too. Finding the right element is the number one culprit. I am Cancer and therefore water and the Moon sign. First I tried to work with water. A few times nothing happened and then I near choked on it. This was while meditating after I ground myself. Loki let me use ‘borrow’ His fire when we are Elsewhere? I actually don’t now what the place is . I managed this only when I’m with Him, never on my own, and I tried.
    To sense His energies in Chakras brings some of the best moments and memories, I’m happy you can!

    • Amber Drake says:

      I have the greatest affinity for fire. I’m an Aries, a fire sign. I’ve always been drawn to fire, ever since I was a little child. It both fascinates me, and scares me when it’s out of control.

  3. magpiemason says:

    I’m not much good at sensing energy stuff, either. It makes the whole grounding-centering-shielding thing feel like a pointless exercise sometimes, because i don’t /feel/ anything, so i can’t really tell if i’m Doing It Right. Sometimes i can feel energy from the Powers (and it’s great when that’s the case), but even that’s not consistent.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I have the same feelings about grounding and shielding. I use my breath to centre myself and silence my mind, so that works.
      Since I can’t draw on external energies, I feel no need to ground.
      I was told by Loki that I’m good at shielding, so the visualisation exercises obviously works, even though I can’t sense my shields.

  4. ZMeister says:

    I’m extremely empathic/energy sensitive, but my trouble is being able to differentiate between my feelings and other ppls feelings. I also have a difficult time identifying what I’m feeling. I often experience hunger as an emotion with no physical sensation of hunger. I may get weepy or angry, pick a fight or argue only to have the anger go away when I eat.

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