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“I am blessed my goddess, whoever she may be” by We bring the fire

Not every Pagan finds a Patron or a Matron deity.
There are many spirits who delights in pretending to be a deity and who will screw with you.
You are allowed to say no to a deity. They are not human and might not understand everything about human needs, such as having a job, a loving partner or a nice place to live.
If a deity asks you to harm yourself in any way, that’s a big red flag right there. If it is a deity, drop Him/Her. If not, it’s an impostor spirit, and you should cut off all contact.


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Visit from Loki

So the other night I had a visit from Loki.

I half woke up and could feel Him spooning me, being the big spoon. He had an arm around my waist and was stroking my stomach. It was very nice. I felt so loved and safe.
It’s the first time He’s visited me like that since January 2012.
Maybe our connection is getting better?

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“Evidence of Loki’s Worship?”

A new article I found:

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Introduction to: The God Loki

An interesting video:

I do believe Loki is a God of fire, but He isn’t THE God of fire; that is Surtr.

As a Trickster deity, Loki has big appetites.
He is a very sexual God. He is pansexual, or, if you think about Him mating with Svadilfari to produce Sleipnir, He is omnisexual. I think His mating with Svadilfari, who was a Jotun magical horse, was a one off, though.
He is very fond of food, sweets and booze. According to shared personal gnosis, He likes spicy foods and is fond of Fireball whisky, so those are nice offerings to give Him.
Loki is also fond of creative activities, so nice offerings could be to draw Him or for Him, write Him a poem which you recite by the altar, or write Him a story which you tell Him.

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A mystic’s dark night.

The dark night of the soul.

Walking the mystic's path

It is so easy to write when your soul is free to fly. Soaring to the beloved waiting arms.  I feel so sad enough to die. But I say nothing to cause any trouble or alarm. The high of divine love is gone. In its place is the stark empty pit. My soul no longer can sing my lover’s song. Alone in the blackness I sit. Where are you, breath of my soul? I move about without any light. My mortal flesh has turned cold. My soul no longer has the mystic’s sight.

Yes this is the true dark night for me. Abandoned by my Divinity. What is it to be? Let this not be my eternity. Come again, fire from the heights! Take pity, have mercy, give me release. Touch me once more, to my great delight. Let all torment now cease. Restore my soul, your once dwelling place…

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Finally, a visit from Loki

I haven’t had any contact with Loki since February 27th.
On Tuesday night, the 22nd, He visited me briefly in a dream.

I’m in a semi-dark room. The room is lit by a candle on a small table in the middle of the room. At the back of the room against the wall is a queen sized bunk bed. I’m sitting cross-legged on it with my back to the room.
There are three people sitting on the bed with me. Two in front of me and one to my left. I can’t see their faces.
Suddenly a man appears sitting to my right. I can’t see His face, but I know that familiar presence well; it is Loki. He’s dressed in a black shirt, black trousers and He’s wearing black boots. His hair is shoulder length and thick. Our arms are touching. He leans towards me and puts His arm around my waist. Then He sings to me in a low voice:
“I will sit down and pray with you.”
He sings it to me twice, then He vanishes.

I’m unsure of what He meant. He will pray with me? To whom?

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