Loki as Thresholder: Loki opens doors, but we walk through them

A Polytheistic Life

Thresholds are liminal spaces that exist between two spaces. A threshold can be as simple as the one between two rooms in your house or as complex as the boundary between two worlds. No matter how simple or complex a threshold is, they are liminal spaces.

Liminal spaces are the “in-between” of everything that exists. This is the area where Loki draws his power. He is a god of liminality, and he can always be found in the in-between spaces.

Thresholds, however, are not meant to be dwelled in. We don’t live in our doorways, after all. Doorways, like thresholds, are meant to be used as crossing points from one place to another.

Threshold magic is also some of the most dangerous, as it is impossible to control liminality. Conducting rituals in a liminal space typically means you are allowing wyrd to take over and determine the outcome, no matter…

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Know Your Meme: Puritan Theology

An interesting read.

Magick From Scratch

Recently, a Facebook friend suggested, in a discussion of strange Polytheist ideas, the possibility that we might be re-treading, or being impacted by, Puritan theology. It made sense. Religion is an appendage of culture, and United States culture has been deeply influenced by Puritans who came to this continent and colonized it.

I decided to read some Puritan writings to see if it was true. Were some of the popular ideas in the Polytheist community related to Puritan thinking? Indeed, yes.

Here, I have a brief overview of some Puritan theological ideas that have gotten a lot of traction in the Pan-Polytheist movement, and have impacted a small number of vocal Polytheist writers and thinkers, almost certainly without anyone intending for this to be the case.

Election, or “Being Chosen.”

“God did not choose us because we were worthy, but by choosing us He makes us worthy.” — A Puritan…

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Younger Loki

Half Fool Moon

Two of may color variations I made recently.

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Dream visit from Loki

The other night I had a dream visit from Loki.

I was in a forest in front of a small cabin. I entered and found Loki and an ex-friend inside.
They were dressed in leathers and furs. Loki had a crown of crow and magpie feathers. I know many associate crows with Loki, I personally associate magpies with him.
They were there in the roles of shamans.
Loki bade us sit down in a circle.
The cabin was dimly lit by oil lamps and there was incense burning.
My ex-friend made some mystical, intricate movements with her hands towards me and chanted: “Shah, shah, shah, shah, shah!”
Then Loki made some mystical, intricate movements with his hands and chanted: ” Feh, feh, feh, feh, feh!”
I got the impression this was some kind of pre-initiation.

Then I woke up.

I was very ambivalent about seeing my ex-friend. I haven’t spoken to her since I cut her out of my life for being toxic several years ago. Maybe Loki wants me to befriend her again? I don’t know if I’ve quite forgiven her yet for saying that after I turned Pagan (that is after I found Loki; I was a Pagan for a couple of decades before that) I had turned myself into a monster. That was very hurtful.

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Loki Worldbreaker: The Bound God and Overcoming Limitations

Excellent blog post about Loki.

A Polytheistic Life

Loki, as the bound god, is a symbolic representation of the way that the primal nature of all beings is contained and constrained by an imposed social order. The binding of Loki is never fully explained in the lore. While suggestions exist that the binding originated from his suspected role in Baldr’s death (Saxo’s version of the Baldr myth is void of Loki’s presence entirely), these suggestions are, at best, speculation if not outright conjecture.

Another mythos that contains a story about a bound god is the Greek one, in which Prometheus is confined for his audacity in stealing fire from the gods and thwarting Zeus’s plan to destroy humanity. Many scholars have compared Prometheus and Loki, so it is probable that a story of a similar vein underpins the binding Loki endures.

Because so many of the old stories have been lost, it is important to understand…

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“Am I Hearing a God or Am I Going Crazy?” ~ One Polytheist’s Angry Rebuttal

Unhinged and unenlightened


I try not to spread anger. I try not to spread hate. I try, as much as possible, to be non-violent. But when I see ignorance and harm being perpetuated, I feel that keeping silent is a way to perpetuate such harm. So I find myself compelled to speak out. There are several articles that have pushed my buttons, but they are growing old and so I can try and talk myself out of dealing with them. ‘no need to add fire to fire’ I tell myself.

But this one. This one makes me angry. And perhaps I am adding fire to the fire, but you know what? At least by voicing my concerns, there will be a voice out there arguing for the sake of those of us with serious mental illnesses. And hopefully, I can help those who relate feel less alone. Because seriously, these sorts of…

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