Submission to Loki Agon

Gangleri's Grove

To Loki
by Amanda Forrester

My head is on fire.
I can see it all –
The threads of destiny, of wyrd, coming together,
I see the ghastly fate of my sons,
I feel the bindings tying me to the boulder
I see the red, weeping eyes of my loyal wife
Holding the bowl above me.
And I see all the worlds consumed in fire and ice
When I (at last!) make my escape.

My head is on fire.
I can feel the venom even now.
Still, I do not try to avoid that future, but do what must be done.
And so a dart of mistletoe seals my fate
As surely as it did Balder’s.

My head is on fire.
I saw it all, knew it’s coming,
But also that it must be done.
I told my blood-brother so.

My lips were sewn shut not because I lie,

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New Submission to the Loki Agon

Gangleri's Grove

For Loki
By S. Hintz

Loki, I love your daughter Hela
And it was her association with me
That first piqued your interest
In my humble doings

Flame hair, you watched witness to struggle
I underwent with the shadows
Of Christianity cutting bindings
Long rotted away

Sorting meaning from unmeaning
Seeking truth from lie finally burning
To ashes those things withholding me
From the inner fires

Sated I sought in seeking found
My family of Gods Woden in the wood
Compassion in the heart of the Death Goddess
Wondering I wander

Idea to idea never quite still
Mental restlessness sympathetic to your own
Until Gifu in kindness you gave
Me to meet Sigyn

Sigyn told me of the dance of light
On the waters the dance of shadow
Within the wood until I remembered
To hold my balance

Between extremes light and dark the polarity
Things you learned in the…

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New Submission to Loki’s Agon

Gangleri's Grove

Most Cruel of Fetters
by E. Blakely

I know that I lay upon rough-hewn rocks
Held fast by the most cruel of fetters
In a place where Time is measured by the drop.

The sound – a jarring ‘plink’
Deepening to a ‘plank’
Then a deep-throated ‘plonk’.
Full once more…and She is gone.

The terror returns…
Is She safe?
Will She return?
Will I hear Her shriek and call My Name before Her Step-Daughter comes to claim Her?…To restore Her to Our Youngest?
Does He run into Her arms, tearfully joyous, crying ‘Mommy, Mommy’?

Wolf-Son, if You lurk outside, waiting to greet Your Mother, please greet me as well.
Without the Love-of-My-Life, this torment holds no power over me.
Let it end.

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Third Submission to the Loki Agon

Gangleri's Grove

Words from my heart
by Potia P.

Loki, you came unlooked for, unasked for into my life.
Bound one, your challenge forced me to face my bindings.
Shifter of forms, you lead me to change.
I honor You!

Burning one, you scare me still!
I don’t know what you see in me,
Why I interest you,
But I know you come calling.

Calling in the darkness
Shining in the silence
Mystery and Mischief

I honor You! I praise you!
I’ve even come to love you.
You, the disreputable friend!

The one that speaks truths no-one else will face
The one bringing joy in the madness
The one whose pain we turn away from
The one who forces us to see
The one who scares us in the night
The one who holds us when we cry
The one who gives us the blade with which to cut our bindings

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Reblog: First two submissions to the Loki Agon

First two submissions to the Loki Agon
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A visit from Loki

So, the other night I had a brief dream visit from Loki.

I dreamt I woke up on my back in my bed. Loki was straddling my hips. There was nothing sexual about it.
He was bare chested and barefoot, wearing only a pair of black jeans. He had shoulder length, orange hair which was parted over his left eye. His eyes were very green.
He told me:” It’s never too late to start over. You’re never too old to start a new life.”

It’s interesting that he should say that. After my last period of depression which started in mid December last year and is still not completely over, I feel broken.
I’m not as outgoing as I was before my last depression. Only recently have I been able to concentrate on reading books again. Concentration goes out the window when I’m depressed.
I’m trying to fit the pieces back together again. But I’m so tired of having to do so over and over and over.
My last depression wasn’t triggered by anything special, but my antidepressants had stopped working, which is why it didn’t pass in a couple of weeks. So I had to find (with my psychiatrist) another antidepressant to try out. Switching from one antidepressant to another takes weeks. But as the dosage of the new antidepressant slowly increased, my depression began to lift.
I’m still not back to my “normal” though. I guess I have to be patient.


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