Loki’s “Roads”

A very interesting article about the different aspects of Loki, by Dagulf Loptson:


It isn’t uncommon in polytheistic traditions for deities to possess many different aspects or epithets to describe different parts of their nature. Each individual deity can almost be thought of as possessing an entire pantheon within themselves, and in many traditions different aspects of that god or goddess is called upon for different things. In Santería, these different aspects of certain Orishas are called “caminos” or “roads”, and while all roads are understood as still being the Orisha in question, they can seem very different from one another.

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3 Responses to Loki’s “Roads”

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    I have experienced many of these “roads” of Loki. I’ve recently been struggling with my relationship with Him, and He’s been saying things unexpectedly. Two nights ago I heard Him say “you ache for Me.” and last night He said “I am not your enemy.” I haven’t even talked out loud to HIm recently, but this makes me wonder if He can see what’s in my mind because of all the conflict in it concerning Him.

  2. LokeanSlave says:

    This is a great link, and this is why I love your blog!

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