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On arguments over UPG


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UPG: Jormungand

I’ve met Jormungand briefly in a trance-vision last year. For some reason I began to sing in my mind “row, row, row your boat” (in the Norwegian version, it’s about rowing across the North Sea). I suddenly saw a small … Continue reading

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UPG: Bowl holding ritual

A few weeks ago I did bowl-bearing a few days in a row for Sigyn and Loki as devotional work. Unfortunately I have back problems, so I wasn’t able to hold up the bowl for long before my back felt … Continue reading

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Loki art

http://loki-laufeyjarson.deviantart.com/ This is a group for arts and crafts of and about Loki Laufeyarson, trickster and god of change and hearth fire of Norse mythology, and his family. His wife or lover Angrboda, and their children Hel, Fenrir and Jormundgandr. … Continue reading

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Past life regressions

Last year, in December, I did a couple of past life regressions on my own, with a guided meditation CD. These are the impressions I got: An 18th century life. In the first image, I’m standing by the main street … Continue reading

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“Loki, different people can have different UPGs on one story, or part of one story. Are both versions true?” Yes and no. “So different versions of the same story can both be true and false?” Yes. “This is part of … Continue reading

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