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3rd wedding anniversary

June 25th was Loki and mine’s 3rd wedding anniversary. I renewed my marriage oath to him and also gave Him my nun vows. I’m not one for long,elaborate, flowery speeches, so the ceremony was short and to the point. Then … Continue reading

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PBP: G is for “godspousery”

Originally posted on Beloved in Light:
While I don’t care for the term godspouse, it is perhaps one of the most well known terms to describe the mystic relationship that develops between the soul of a human and the god…

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Lokeans: the Next Generation

Some blog posts worth reading: We Can Learn A Lot From Things That Annoy Us, Or What I Figured Out About The Proliferation Of Loki’s Wives Online – by Del In Response to Del’s; Struggle – by extralizard13 Comment on extalizard13’s … Continue reading

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Short update

Much has happened in a short time. I’ve received several divinations and oraclings. I understand more of what is going on, but I was also told that while all this was helpful, some also brought more confusion. Loki wanted me … Continue reading

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Reblog: It doesn’t have to all look the same, and that’s okay!

Originally posted on Cast Adrift: My Unmoored Path:
One thing that I see come up again and again, especially with those who are more inclined toward the ‘woo’ side of things, is this idea that everyone ought to be doing…

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There’s always bloody something, isn’t there… Loki had planned to free me from the last bits of the Big Block before April 1st. Things did not work out the way we had imagined. I’ve done quite a bit of pendling … Continue reading

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