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More confusion

(Big Block workings, week 12/13) On the Sunday after I had met Freyr in a dream for the first time (that I know of), Loki pulled a really sneaky one on me. After a work session, I heard Him say: … Continue reading

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Screw linearity!

Last night, after I went to bed and was balancing between awake and asleep, I’m pretty sure I heard Loki say: “Do you want to marry me?” A little over 2 months after I held our wedding ceremony… ^_^ I … Continue reading

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New dream, same theme…

Talked to Loki before going to sleep last night and asked him if he could tell me whether he’s serious or not. Loki appeared in my dreams again. This is the third night in a row. He said he wants … Continue reading

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Is Loki pulling my leg?

I had this dream on Thursday night: Loki took me to a small isle covered with birches (“leafy isle”, heh, that’s what his mum, Laufey’s name means), in the middle of a large river. He wanted us to exchange vows … Continue reading

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