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On Freyr, and on being broken.

Back in autumn 2011 I had a life tree divination with runes done. A rune for Freyr popped up, and it seemed like He was a part of my wyrd. In October 2011, I went and did a guided past … Continue reading

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Past life regressions

Last year, in December, I did a couple of past life regressions on my own, with a guided meditation CD. These are the impressions I got: An 18th century life. In the first image, I’m standing by the main street … Continue reading

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Drama – working on blocks

So, this season’s third dramatic incident is over. Since I’m rather sensitive and quite emotional, it makes sense that my spiritual blockage is made out of emotionally related blocks, and that when a block is dragged up from my subconscious … Continue reading

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Past life regression

When Loki visited me in my dreams a while ago, He dropped some clues about us having been together in a past life. In another dream, an unknown woman gave me some more clues; it had all ended very badly. … Continue reading

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