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Lokeans: the Next Generation

Some blog posts worth reading: We Can Learn A Lot From Things That Annoy Us, Or What I Figured Out About The Proliferation Of Loki’s Wives Online – by Del In Response to Del’s; Struggle – by extralizard13 Comment on extalizard13’s … Continue reading

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Cries from a lost soul

I’m stumbling around Lost in dark caverns in my head Where is Your guiding light? My dreams are Few and far between And You don’t visit them any more I awake to yet another Bleak and dreary morning Alone and … Continue reading

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On Hiatus…

After a bit over a year since Loki began to work on my Big Block, He’s now crushed enough for me to hear the Him and other gods quite clearly at times. Problem is it, though, that it was like taking … Continue reading

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In a cage…

First, a recap, since it seems that I’ve either not explained well enough what’s been going on, and since some people doesn’t seem to get it: I have this huge Blockage that makes me “headblind” and prevents me from really … Continue reading

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Past life trauma, part 2: The Saboteur

The Saboteur was also created in this past life, by another trauma. I have no memories of this; I only know what Loki has told me. Some years after the torture, I was set up and provoked into an insane … Continue reading

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About the Big Block

I was as good as completely “headblind”. I couldn’t sense Loki or hear Him, and I thought that’s just how it was going to be. Then it turned out that my headblindness was caused by a large blockage, which was … Continue reading

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