Poem: “Sigyn, Sweetheart” and author’s notes

Bat Bruja

Sigyn, Sweetheart

Hail Sigyn, sweetheart,
stance amidst the flood,
hair trailing on mottled stone.
The weary bow bending, sagging,
but refusing
to drop,
after drip.

Sigyn, unceasing,
you are the promise we keep.
The daughter who holds a flat palm, wall palm,
to the father.
The mother
with twin on each breast,
and water in her eyes
that knows the heft of ice,
the set of ice,
though melted
and warm.

Sigyn, steadfast,
soft belly, ferocious song,
may you ever find victory
in your absolute will.

(Bat Collazo, 2018)

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