Dream visit from Loki

Loki visited me in my dreams last night.
We were sitting cross legged, facing each other. Loki was smiling at me. I got the impression of love and caring.
He had shoulder length orange hair and gold earrings. He was wearing black; an untucked shirt, trousers and combat boots.
Suddenly he transformed himself into a butterfly with peacock blue wings with a black border. I love butterflies and the peacock blue colour. He fluttered in front of me. I held out my hand and he landed on it.
Then he transformed himself into a white dove. He cocked his head at me, looking at me. Then he launched himself off of my hand and flew into the sky, going ever higher until he was out of sight.

I have no idea what the dream meant, other than that Loki was showing off his shapeshifting skills.

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to Dream visit from Loki

  1. just chris says:

    Well butterflies usually represent transformation or change. I’m not sure how pagans/heathens regard the dove, but it’s Christian and general symbol is one of peace. As for sitting and facing you, that could mean communion. He could also be telling you that you or he could be headed toward metamorphosis and wishes of a peaceful journey who’s ends are not yet known because he disappears. Wearing all black could mean it’s just a Loki thing or could further indicate the hidden or unseen aspects of the dream and or/journey. Never assume anything with Loki and be careful about drawings your own conclusions. He’s not beyond letting a person assume he means one thing when he means something else. He may allow this misleading intent to occur for reasons we may not understand. He is, above all, a trickster and misdirection is one of his handiest tools.

    “I always tell the truth, even when I lie.”

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