Dream visit from Loki

The other night I had a dream visit from Loki.

I was in a forest in front of a small cabin. I entered and found Loki and an ex-friend inside.
They were dressed in leathers and furs. Loki had a crown of crow and magpie feathers. I know many associate crows with Loki, I personally associate magpies with him.
They were there in the roles of shamans.
Loki bade us sit down in a circle.
The cabin was dimly lit by oil lamps and there was incense burning.
My ex-friend made some mystical, intricate movements with her hands towards me and chanted: “Shah, shah, shah, shah, shah!”
Then Loki made some mystical, intricate movements with his hands and chanted: ” Feh, feh, feh, feh, feh!”
I got the impression this was some kind of pre-initiation.

Then I woke up.

I was very ambivalent about seeing my ex-friend. I haven’t spoken to her since I cut her out of my life for being toxic several years ago. Maybe Loki wants me to befriend her again? I don’t know if I’ve quite forgiven her yet for saying that after I turned Pagan (that is after I found Loki; I was a Pagan for a couple of decades before that) I had turned myself into a monster. That was very hurtful.

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AKA Darkamber.
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9 Responses to Dream visit from Loki

  1. I think that says more about your ex-friend’s inner issues.

  2. Maybe she’s symbolic of something? You wrote about what she did when you first found Loki. Could be symbolic of a return to the beginning, but this time, with the knowledge you now have. You’re “out” now, you’ve experienced a ton of stuff since then. If this were my dream, I would interpret her as something from back then to think about, something that may be relevant now. Mercury is in retrograde, so now is a good time to review, rethink, and reexamine. Just a thought… ❤️

  3. Kelli Clark says:

    That’s interesting, I’d love to see a picture of what Loki was wearing. It’s weird, because I had a dream about her a couple months ago where she was talking to me in my bathroom.

  4. Kelli Clark says:

    Remember, she made up things to make me look bad too, at least she didn’t file a restraining order on you. I almost went to jail for allegedly putting “magical fetters” on Loki!

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