People Forget…

A poem about Loki by Galina Krasskova.

Gangleri's Grove

People forget,
When they paint their nails
And gush about how sweet He is
And how He looks like that movie star
(you know the one)
how He soothes their egos
telling them
what pretty little snowflakes they are

that He stood with His brothers in that gasping gap
and slaughtered his own ancestor,
a sleeping giant who never did harm to anyone
(never did any good either, or so I’m told).

People forget
(tumblr makes forgetting easy)
that this is a God who rolled up His sleeves
whet the point of His spear,
took an ax
with forty whacks,
helped hack old Ymir up.

He split that oafish bastard’s skull
And sucked the marrow from His bones

and went about the bloody work
of making the worlds run.

When He was done,
He licked that ancestral blood from his lips
With a hearty smack.

People forget that.

They forget…

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3 Responses to People Forget…

  1. Myriad says:

    … and the same sentiment applies here, too. It’s sad to see how people use this idea, even if it was originally their own idea — to dedicate a month to a Deity who doesn’t get much true appreciation — in order to make political statements about parts of the community that they personally don’t like.

    To be frank, I do not believe this poem adequately reflects how people see and interact with Loki. I do not believe “people” forget at all, and I think if one were to look beyond that stereotypical tumblrite image, it would become fairly obvious.

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  3. jean says:

    I care greatly for Loki, Loki can be sweet, thoughtful happy and helpful, but that is part of Loki, some may not look to the sword maker, the refuge maker, the old god at work, the deep depths or the one who gives you a kick, look to the tricky slayer of giants, there are many tales and many faces, forget, no I don’t forget, they are all Loki.
    Do I forget Loki is many, that Loki is dangerous, skilled in arms, skilled in creation, skilled in false words, a trickster probing questioning testing, an old god who has seen and done much, no I don’t forget.

    I care for Loki, Loki is Loki, there is no life without blood, no death without creation and sustenance for others.

    I welcome Loki, I care for Loki, I can be many things, I have been many things in my life and I am accepted and cated about by Loki, I accept and care for Loki not just the hugable and warm parts, Loki comes in many ways to many people what they find will vary according to what they accept, expect and can process.

    It is different parts of the same Loki, the story of ymir doesn’t mention Loki, so I would guess her own upg there. Just a thought.

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