Visions of Loki

Loki had been absent for several weeks. When I tried to reach out to Him in meditation, I got nothing. It felt like it was a huge, empty space and just blackness.

Then, a week ago and yesterday, I received visions of Him while I meditated.

In the first meditation I saw Him sitting on the floor. I couldn’t see any of His surroundings; He was surrounded by darkness. He was wearing a black shirt and black trousers and was bare foot. He was sitting cross-legged and playing with an adorable, black kitten. He was holding a plastic rod with colourful feathers on the end, which the kitten played with.


A black kitten like this

In the vision I saw yesterday, He was standing, dressed in a black shirt, black trousers, white and blue striped socks and traditional Dutch wooden clogs! He had rolled up the hem of His trousers to beneath the knees, to show off His socks and clogs. He was bouncing on His heels to focus the attention on His clogs. The clogs were decorated on top with lovely paintings of red and yellow tulips. He seemed very proud of them. It was weird. I usually see Him barefoot or wearing army boots or biker boots.


Traditional Dutch clogs

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7 Responses to Visions of Loki

  1. Moon Rouge says:

    I see Loki often, almost all time, wearing black. Once He surprised me with blue tee, a puzzling item to see on Him, as much as these clogs!

  2. Amber Drake says:

    Lately when I’ve been seeing Loki in trance, He always wears a black shirt and black trousers.

  3. Christine says:

    I’ve always wanted Dutch clogs when I was a kid. I can only imagine the blisters now! Unless I used a good insole

    • Moon Rouge says:

      Someone made Dutch clogs for Blythe Dolls, but I didn’t get any, as they were not cheap.
      It crossed my mind, to get a pair for the Hot Toy Loki, after reading this. But, it would not fit. The inside joke is, I bought nice pair of Sweeny Todd boots for Loki. Sweeny Todd is also made by Hot Toys, same size doll, and his boots are ridiculously small for HT Loki! After talking a collector… Loki needs really big boots to wear.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I remember my grandparents had a pair of Dutch clogs in the attic, which I would put on when I dressed up in costumes.

  4. LokeanSlave says:

    That is Loki for you, just when you think you know him and how he will act, he has to prove you wrong!

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