A brief dream visit from Loki

I dreamt that I was at a friend’s flat. She had a large cage with many compartments, with many different, tiny birds. I opened up the little cage of a tiny peacock and it flew out and began to twirl around in the air. It’s tail feathers looked like a skirt and the feathers on it’s head looked like a crown. Then it floated down into a chair and became a tiny, round man with a crown on his head. I knew that if I kissed him he would become a real man, so I did. He began to grow and got up and soon he was almost a head taller than me. He wore a golden crown which looked like it was made out of cardboard. He had shoulder length scarlet hair and very green eyes. He was slender and beautiful. I recognised Him.

“Are you Loki?” I asked.

“Why, yes I am,” He answered.

He put the crown at a jaunty angle and proclaimed: “I am the prince of your dreams!”

He held out His arms and I stepped close to Him and we kissed.

Then the dream dissolved into nonsense.

It was a brief visit, but it was a visit!

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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5 Responses to A brief dream visit from Loki

  1. Ooh! Awesome I gave a peacock feather to Loki and he wore it as an hearing eversince. I associate peacock to him now 😀 Cool visit!

  2. Lis says:

    I responded to this right after you posted it, but the comment never appeared. I’m going to give it another shot!

    So, I just wanted to comment on the dream with Loki being sweet. ❤

    I associate Loki with peacocks, as well. It fits a certain aspect of Him quite well. I keep a small vase of peacock feathers on His altar to honor that part of Him.

  3. moonfire2012 says:

    I’m glad things are happening for you again, as they are me(finally). I got a glittery peacock for Loki back in 2012, when everything started. I always thought it was just my idea.

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