Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths


Loki sons

“Everyone knows that Loki is the bringer of discord, that his followers are all damaged people who disrupt the community”

You know, as we grow up, we all hear and accept certain truths from our community, and that is fine. What is not fine is when we never question how far the “truth” we accept differs from the experiences we have, and the people we actually know.

“We are our deeds”

This is another of those truths we all accept, and if this latter one is true, then I am the bearer of bad news, the harbinger of woeful tidings. Loki’s kids have earned an esteem far higher in our eyes by their deeds than we have ever allowed them, and we are DEEPLY shamed by our conduct towards them in return.

I have heard “Loki killed Baldur” as the trump card about as often as “Jews killed Jesus” and…

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4 Responses to Loki’s Kids: Some hard truths

  1. Stormwise says:

    But Loki is not the bringer of discord, at least not from the way I read him in the lore. My take on him (and I will admit here that it has been a while since I last picked up my copy of the Eddas) is that he tends to expose a discord that is already there. There is much our modern society has in common with the Viking society presented to us in the lore, in that for all that we value things like trust and honesty, a lot of our society exists behind and is built upon illusions. Loki not only sees through these illusions, he forces others to see through them, too. As someone who has enjoyed the presence of Odin in his life for some time, I can say that I believe this particular trait of Loki’s, while perhaps at times uncomfortable even for Odin, is something that Odin values greatly … Odin is all about seeing things. I think it’s not mere coincidence that for all the stirring of the stew that was attributed to Loki in the lore, it was with the death of Beauty (argued by many to be the greatest of illusions – or the worst of them) that the gods decided things had gone too far. I would also, while talking about Baldr’s death, point out that although Loki is said to have had his hand in guiding Hod’s cast of the mistletoe dart, Hod was not the first god to try to tempt the limits of Baldr’s protection, he was simply the last.

    So, that’s the god that apparently people in the Heathen community are still hating on. As for the god’s followers, I think it’s interesting that in a religion where wisdom is praised in those who reserve judgment, so many Heathens feel the need to judge other Heathens. It was like this 15 years ago – it would seem not much has changed, if I read the original post correctly – someone comes along and dares to even suggest that Loki may have gotten a raw deal, to which a knot of lore thumpers raise their voices in objection and condemnation, citing one line after the next in the eddas and sagas. I’ve seen Christian fanatics cite their books similarly, when passing judgment on people when their own god, in their own book, admonishes people not to pass judgment. I feel for the followers of Loki who encounter such people … you could make the same comparison I just made, and you would be laughed at and told that you of all people don’t have the right to judge them! At the same time, though, what’s between you and Loki is between you and Loki … there are no Heathens of which I’m aware who have the power to change that. Follow your hearts, and the god(s) to be found therein, and live your faith – let others do as they choose, and let them set their own fate.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I think Loki is seen as a god of discord by those who don’t know Him, and by Nokeans.
      They don’t know Him and aren’t willing to try to understand what He’s really about.

      • Stormwise says:

        Funny, in a religion that values understanding and being able to peer beyond veils and illusions, that so many refuse to consider a new understanding of a god who mingled his blood with the All-father. Honestly, I do not follow Loki – I wouldn’t say I communicate with Loki at all, actually – but the very last thing I’m going to do is try to dishonor or condemn Loki or his followers when there is no way I have of knowing one way or the other what he’s about. It makes no sense to me.

  2. LokeanSlave says:

    This is a great post, and while this is a religion that values understanding and the ability to be open-minded, humans are still humans. We are all flawed and sometimes we get set in our ways so we forget to be open-minded.

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