Meditation exercise

I did a very interesting meditation exercise with my friend Rachel. She’s helping me with some basic 101 lessons.
She told me to sit and focus on my body becoming heavy or light and tingly, from the feet and up.
I felt my body become light and tingly.
Then she told me to ask if Sigyn was there, and if she would touch me to let me know (since I got in touch with Her with my pendulum). I tried, but got nothing.
So I asked if Loki was here and if He could touch my head, and I felt a light touch on the left side of my head, and on my face.
Then she told me to ask Him if He had anything to say to me, just a word. I tried, but I got nothing, but my right ear was tickled.
Then she told me to ask Loki to send me an image.
Loki sent me an image of Himself lounging in an empty bathtub, wearing only tight, leather trousers. He had shoulder length, orange, unkempt hair. There was a yellow rubber duckie on the corner edge by His feet!
I asked for a second image, and got a very strong image of a golden ring with a large diamond and the words “You’re mine” on it.
I asked if He had any additional images for me, but what He showed me is a bit too rude to describe. LOL
I thanked Him for helping me with my lesson, and He sent me an additional image: An eyeful of Odin in a bubble bath playing with a rubber duckie! LOL Are rubber duckies A Thing in Asgard currently, or was Loki just joking?
I had thought I had lost the ability to receive images from Loki, but it appears that it isn’t so. Maybe it’s just a bit rusty.
I’m going to practise doing this meditation exercise, but not ask for Loki every time.

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AKA Darkamber.
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