A wedding in the Dreaming

So, we had exited the cursed game hall (see the previous post), and stood on a road with houses to the right and a birch forest to the left. There were some cars parked along the street, but no people in sight.
We were still both dressed in black. Loki in a black shirt, trousers and army boots, and me in a black sweater, trousers and DMs.
“That game hall had a lot of negative energy,” Loki said. “Let’s do something with a lot of positive energy!””Sure! Like what?” I asked.
“Let’s get married!”
“I’m sure we’ll find a priest around here somewhere,” Loki said.
He took my hand in His and we began to walk down the road.
After a short while we spotted a chalk white building with stained glass windows.
“We’re sure to find a priest in that temple,” Loki said.
We entered the temple. It had white walls and was beautifully lit up by the sunshine coming through the stained glass windows. There were one large, round window over the door, and three on each side and one large window at the back. On each side of the aisle were white benches of wood. At the end of the room there was an altar with a white cloth and two large candle sticks with lit, white candles. On each side of the altar were short pillars with flower pots with beautiful flowers of different colours.
There was a man, a priest, standing behind the altar. He was the only one in the room. He wore a simple, white robe, and a religious symbol of some kind on a chain around his neck. He smiled at us as we approached the altar.
“We want to get married!” Loki said.
The priest smiled and nodded.
Loki turned to me and pulled a simple, silver ring on a chain up from His shirt. He held up the ring to me and said: “I’ve been carrying this ring for you, next to my heart, ever since the first time we met.” (This could have been spring 1997, when I first became aware of Loki as an unnamed, mute Presence who liked to cuddle with me in the mornings.)
I pulled a silver claddagh ring on a chain up from my sweater. I held it up to Loki and said: “I’ve been carrying this ring for you, next to my heart, ever since I first prayed to You and invited You into my life.” (That was in November 2010)
I took the ring off the chain and put it on my left ring finger, and said: “I promise to love You until death do us part.”
Loki put His ring on His left ring finger and said: “I promise to love you until death, and beyond.”
I was very touched by His words.
We joined hands and the priest declared us Husband and wife.
We stood for a long while holding hands and gazing into each others eyes. I could see in His eyes how much He loved me and it almost made me cry out of sheer joy. I knew He could see my love for Him in my eyes, too.
It was a brief ceremony, but so sweet and touching. It was wonderful!

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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9 Responses to A wedding in the Dreaming

  1. cydira says:

    that is simply beautiful. 🙂

  2. moonfire2012 says:

    Thats wonderful!

  3. moonfire2012 says:

    What Id give to experience that with Him. It seems I never will.

  4. moonfire2012 says:

    ::hugs back:: sorry Im so emo, just going through the Dark Night right now. Its getting beter though. I really am happy for you.

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