A long dream visit from Loki

I had done rituals and given offerings to Loki several times, and asked Him to visit my dreams, now that I have my dreams back. (I did a change in meds a month ago, and reduced one, and that gave me my dreams back for the first time since December 2012.) Apart from two very brief appearances, He didn’t visit my dreams so that I could interact with Him. I was rather disappointed, and hadn’t done any offerings in a while.
Then on Monday I did another offering of lit candles, incense and a shot of vodka. I said to Him: “Dear Loki. I miss you. Would you please visit me in my dreams? You’re welcome whenever you want to. Come in whatever form you wish.”
And the next night He came and visited for real. He stayed with me the entire night, through four different dream sequences. The dreams were very vivid and stayed with me clearly when I woke up.

In the first dream sequence we were standing inside the entrance of a large, Swedish shopping centre.
Loki looked much like He did in this drawing. His hair was a bit longer, but still shaggy. He was wearing black cargo trousers, and His sweater was grey. He had blue-green eyes. I was dressed all in red, with a red, short sleeved shirt, knee length skirt, tights and pumps and even a red handbag on my arm )I don’t use handbags in real life).
I told Loki: “I’m going to look for a Halloween/Goth themed handbag, would you like to come shopping with me?”
“Nah…” Loki said. He took off a gold ring and began to toss it into the air and catching it again.
“I’m also going to shop for sweets for Halloween.” I said.
“Now you’re just being contrary,” I said. I reached out and snatched the ring out of the air.
Loki looked surprised, but then He smiled. “As long as you carry that ring on you, you can call me to your side whenever you wish,” He said.
“Ok, I know,” I said, “How about you go to the third floor where they have lots of electronic games, and I do the shopping, and then we can meet up when I am finished?”
Loki agreed. He looked very happy at the prospect of spending some time playing games, and He immediately vanished Himself to the third floor.
I did my shopping. I bought a carry bag filled with different kinds of sweets. Then I used the ring to call Loki to me. He lit up when He saw the huge amount of sweets. It would have lasted me for more than a year of Saturday treats. Who knows how long it would last when Loki got His hands in it. I gave Him the bag of sweets to carry, and He beamed when He saw how much I had bought. Then we exited the shopping centre–

and found ourselves in a new dream sequence. The shopping bags were gone, and we were standing in a big room. We were both dressed in black. Loki had a black shirt and trousers, and I had a black sweater and trousers. There was a wall behind the door behind us, and there was a door at the other end of the room. In the middle of the room was a pillar with a puzzle game on it. I don’t like puzzle games; if I can’t solve them at once, I get frustrated and bored and look up the solution. Loki solved the puzzle with ease. When He had solved it the door opened. We walked through it into another, similar room with a new puzzle. We realised we were in a large game hall, with lots of rooms, and games in each room. Each room had a different colour from the one before it. You could only access the next room by solving the game in each room. Loki easily solved all the puzzles. He’s a quick thinker and very smart.
We were finally at the exit after going through seven rooms. The exit was a large, double door exit of metal and glass doors, and we could see a road and some trees outside. We walked forward and touched the doors, and found ourselves back at the entrance. This time we were armed. Loki had a Viking sword strapped to His waist, and I had a katana (Japanese longsword) strapped to my back. There were monsters in the room that we had to kill. When they were all dead, the door to the next room opened. So, this time we had to kill different types of monsters in each room. Loki is a great fighter, and I was pretty good myself. I have never seen Loki fight before, and I was very impressed. He’s fast and strong and very, very good with a sword. He also uses His body as a weapon, throwing in punches and kicks to stagger the enemy while finishing them off with His sword. I’m sure He could have killed all the monsters by Himself, but He let me fight with Him; this was the kind of game where I could pull my own weight. (In real life I’m a very non-violent person). Then we were back at the exit.
“The exit doors are cursed, “Loki said, “If we touch them with our bare hands, we’ll get sent back to the beginning again.”
The door was locked, so we couldn’t just kick it open.
“There’s just enough room between the doors for you to insert your katana,” Loki said. “Since it’s magical, it will cut through the lock.”
I inserted my katana and it easily cut through the bolt. We pushed the door open, being careful not to touch it with our bare hands.

We were now in a new dream sequence. We were standing on a road, with houses to the right and a birch forest to the left.
In this sequence we got married, which deserves a post of it’s own. 🙂

In the last dream sequence we found ourselves in a large, dimly lit hall. Loki was dressed the same, but I was dressed all in white. I wore a sleeveless, short dress, white pumps and I even had a long, white wig. We were both armed with swords again.
At the end of the hall were a high dais with a high backed throne of carved, dark wood. There were curtains behind the throne, and two servants (?) in old fashioned costumes from the 18th century came out carrying a large chest which they placed next to the throne. They opened the chest and we could see body parts in it. The servants put the torso on the throne and began to attach the limbs, which fit seamlessly. The body was so pale it was a blueish white. The servants dressed the female corpse as they assembled it, in a white ball gown. The head had long white hair. When they had finished assembling the corpse, the servants took the chest and disappeared behind the throne again.
The corpse suddenly opened her eyes. She stared right at us and suddenly shrieked: “Who DARES to wear white in the presence of Zombina, the Queen of the zombies!” She lifted her hands and three doors to each side of the hall opened and a dozen zombies shuffled out of each door. We were outnumbered over 30 to one.
It was a long fight, but we managed to kill off all the zombies.
Zombina looked at me and said: “It seems I may have underestimated you. Let us start over. Here, take this feather boa as a gift.”
The feather boa was long and black and it floated on the air towards me. I draped it around my neck. Before I had time to react, the ends of it snaked around my waist and began to crush me. I fell down on my knees, unable to breathe properly. Loki took hold of the ends of the boa and began to fight to get them to let go.

And then I woke up. I couldn’t breathe properly for a few seconds, that’s how intense the dream was.
I was very grateful to Loki that He came and visited me in my dreams and spent so much time with me. And we got married! It was wonderful!



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14 Responses to A long dream visit from Loki

  1. We Bring The Fire says:

    Congratulations ❤️

  2. I’m called to do an analysis of this dream lol 😉 Many details links the dreams together… Also I had a visit from Loki 2 days ago, I didn’t for a loooong while. I feel he is “active” again!

  3. Yay!!!!! Love this post!

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  5. First, my analysis is based on INDEGINOUS PEOPLE of America! So it doesn’t have to do with linear thinking (such as Jung or Freud), but more of circular, repetition… that’s why when you said that there was 4 dream sequence, I knew right away it was a very important dream for the dreamer. 4 is the number of direction on the medicine wheel… Colors are also super important. 
    Soooo, First dream, first circle. You were in RED, which tells us that you are in your “young adult” stage, fire, love and trust, getting into power… You even wore make up and had a handbag, which makes me think of “feminine power” so to speak. You grab the ring of Loki, I believe that it shows power, I believe that it is you who took the first step into the marriage. You speak of the third floor, that’s recalling to your 3rd dream sequence, where you actually married. In that sense, I believe Loki really went out of his way to design this video game “test” and its reward, the marriage! You made huge sweets offering to him … of course he was happy 😀
    In the second dream, second circle, you are dressed in BLACK which symbolise the older adult, so the tested power, assertiveness, experience and control, but also challenges and darkness. It fits perfectly for the task at hand! You mentioned 7 puzzle rooms, could it be the seven chakra? In that senses, maybe Loki is indicating that he is doing energy work with you, “unlocking” your chakra? Try to remember the colors. The last battle can truly be “shadow slaying”. You have gone through energetic realignment then you can access your shadow and slay them. You said yourself you were amazed by the ease with which you were killing the enemy. Asserted power. The part about the curse doors is extremely interesting. I think it speaks about contamination. Where you were going, no shadow could enter… I don’t know, not sure yet. What is your intuition on this?
    Third dream sequence, 3rd circle. You are dressed in WHITE, as the elder, therefore speaks about wisdom, purification and destiny. The road is important. (The house on the right could represent the right brain and the forest the left brain!). You get married in a chalk WHITE building. This part, I think, is pretty obvious and doesn’t really need explaining he he, this is very personal emotional dreaming and at this stage, every impressions are so important, I don’t wanna put words on it. I believe the only person who can is you. But it speaks about purification that is for sure.
    (I suggest buying that ring with the heart in it BTW :D)
    In last sequence, LOGICALLY, you should have been dressed in YELLOW, representing the child and beginning again, but instead you go back in BLACK (yes you are wearing white but, bear with me). This is a repetition of the second sequence, you slay the monsters and there is a deception at the end (the curse doors) and now it is the magical black feather boa. Instead of going further you go back. Zombina represents a resistance inside of you… Maybe the fact that you still have darkness inside that needs to be taken care of.
    I just realised you are NOT the person I thought I was talking to LOL!! I’m sorry if you think i’m a bit too personal lol! Let me know what you think…

    • Amber Drake says:

      That is a very interesting dream interpretation. I hadn’t thought to interpret my dream at all. I just took it for the adventure it was.
      In the third dream sequence, where I got married, I was dressed casually in black (Loki was, too). What is your interpretation of that?

      I think the cursed doors was yet another obstacle to be solved, on my way to get married to Loki. Without Loki, I wouldn’t have got through the puzzle part of the game hall, but I was able to participate in fighting the monsters in round two.

      I don’t get the part about going back in black, in the last dream sequence, when I was dressed in white?

      • Oh, I made an association that you were dressed in white during the wedding. This is my fault, undisciplined analyst, I’m sorry.

        It makes even more sense. During the wedding you are wearing black, that means you are still in the West (challenges, difficulties, teachings). I believe that the wedding might bring you a lot of teachings, dreams, depth, chances to exert your power (which is usually challenging).
        So when you stepped into the 4th dream, and you are dressed in WHITE, you are actually advancing naturally on the cycle, Elder, wisdom, destiny, but there is a part of darkness, Zombina, the black boa, that is still within you. Both of you are wearing a white wig and are dressed in white. What is she mirroring to you? What is trying to claim the space of the elder?

        • Amber Drake says:

          It was clear that Zombina thought me an usurper, but it was my dream, so she was the usurper. She tried to defeat me, and in a way she did, with the magic feather boa, because I couldn’t breathe and had to tear myself awake.

          Oh, btw, I did actually buy a claddagh ring for my first wedding to Loki in 2011, just like the ring in my dream. I’ve worn it ever since.

          I hope that our wedding means that Loki will appear more often in my dreams. During our first year together, we met a lot in dreams.

          Before Loki appeared in my dreams, I half woke up and was Elswhere, and He embraced me from behind. He was wearing armour, so it was a bit uncomfortable, but He made me feel safe and protected.

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