Meditation vision

Last time I meditated, I got a brief, but very clear vision of a little girl.

She was around 8 years old. She was standing in a winter landscape; the ground and the fir/pine trees in the background were covered in snow. She was pale and had wavy, medium brown hair almost to her waist. She wore a thick, red, wool coat that reached down to her knees. The coat had large, round black buttons and a black collar. She wore a blue, knitted wool hat, and white, knitted mittens. She was wearing a knee length skirt or dress underneath the coat, and wore thick, white, wool tights. On her feet she had sturdy, black walking shoes.

I wonder who she was and why I was “seeing” her.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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3 Responses to Meditation vision

  1. Do you really wonder who she is…? You know who she is 🙂

    • journeymaid says:

      Well now I’m curious!

      • It is herself in the astral. A part of herself, that is… a fragment. The fact that she is describing every details is telling us that she has a very precise image, that she saw very vividly, therefore is something that she already was acquaintance with. I could be wrong, mind you.

        Did you connected with her again?

        Sorry that I didn’t answer sonner. I feel this has build up for nothing lol. Sorry 😐

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