Family history and bloodlines

One of my maternal grandmother’s brothers was very interested in genealogy, i.e. in our family’s history and bloodlines. He travelled a lot and did decades of research.

He led our line back to king Harald Hårfagre (Harold Fairhair), born ca. 850 and died ca. 932. King Harald is remembered as the first king of Norway.
King Harald Hårfagre went on a quest to gather all of (southern) Norway into one kingdom, and he swore not to cut his hair until his quest was finished.
The story as I was told it as a child, said that the king travelled over the Dovre mountain region, on his way to Trøndelag, where he stopped and rested at a farm. There the king fell in love with a woman, and he stayed with her until their child was born. Then the woman fell ill, and the king sat by her bed an mourned. Eventually she died. The king left the child to be reared with the farmer and his wife, and continued on his quest. This child became one of my maternal grandmother’s family’s foremothers or forefathers (I can’t remember which).

In the “official” story written down a few centuries later by Christians, the woman at the Dovre farm was turned into a witch, who cast a spell on king Harald to make him stop on his quest. The king sat by her sick bed, and when she died, her corpse burst and toads and snakes crawled out of it. This was a sure sign that she was evil.
(The same narrative technique was used in the story about king Olaf Trygvasson. He stopped at a village where they had a large wooden figure of Thor. It was said that he split this statue in two and snakes/rats/toads crawled out, a sure sign that it was a symbol of evil.)

Another interesting thing: king Harald Hårfagre’s father was Halvdan Svarte (Halfdan the Black), and his family descended from the Ynglingeætt, the Ynglinge royal family line. The progenitor of the Ynglingeætt is said to be Yngvi-Freyr.
So Freyr is my many-many-many times great grandfather.

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6 Responses to Family history and bloodlines

  1. That was so neat to read! Love genealogy, the history it uncovers can be fascinating.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I love the story about the woman up at the Dovre far and king Harald Hårfagre.
      I wish I knew more stories like that about my family.
      I’ve done a bit of research myself into my family tree. Sadly, I got interested in it after my grandmother’¨s brother was dead. He had a lot of knowledge.

  2. Bess of Hardwick lived around the time of Queen Elizabeth I. She and her husband hosted Mary, Queen of Sxots when she was under house arrest and in danger of assassination. Bess tried to get a marriage arranged for her granddaughter that would make her hwir to the throne. That attempt failed but she is the ancestor of the current, living Queen Elizabeth II. I wish I could afford to do more ancestor research. If I’m distantly related to the English throne that would make Woden my ancestor. Far as I know I could spring from another Hardwick family.

  3. Brittany says:

    I was interested in my genealogy as well when I was younger and I found out that through my dad’s side of the family, I’m a descendent of Mary Boleyn who is the sister of Anne Boleyn, the 2nd wife of King Henry the VIII. My ancestor is her daughter Catherine Carey who was said to be an illegitamite daughter of Henry.

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