Who was it?

I just had a visit from a deity or spirit.
I sometimes sense presences as smells/scents.
I suddenly smelled the sickly-sweet smell of rotting organic matter, and then the lights blinked.
My first thought was Hel, but I’ve never seen her in dreams or visions as half-rotted, but as half mummified by frost.

Has anyone experienced something like this, or has any ideas who it was?


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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4 Responses to Who was it?

  1. Moon Rouge says:

    I have no idea. Be careful.

  2. Different way Hel is showing up, perhaps? I do have strong associations with decay and Nidhogg, but I imagine there are LOTS of spirits that might have connections with decay/decomposition.

  3. beanalreasa says:

    Hel is not the first Deity that I thought of, but I agree with Fjothr – I associate a lot of spirits/Beings with the smell of decomposition.

  4. SuzyLL says:

    My bet is on Hela. The smell you described, ive noticed it a few times & others who talk of Her say this as well. One time i when i seen Her clearly in a dream, She didnt appear as half corpse at all, rather She & Her garments appeared completely white, like from the whitest snow youve ever seen.

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