I had some dreams recently which brought up an old issue, which is unresolved. The other day I got so upset I cried a lot.
I went and laid down and tried to calm myself with meditation.
I got an image in my mind of Loki lying against my back, spooning me. He had an arm around me and his hand was over my heart chakra. I “saw” Him send energies into my heart chakra to heal it, as it had taken quite a beating. I could clearly feel the energies sent into my heart chakra.
Loki helped to calm me down and made me feel better.

Thank you Beloved!


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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One Response to Healing

  1. How encouraging!

    I often think it must get discouraging for our God/desses and Beloveds that our faith flags and flails and that we need so many reassurances in spite of evidence of their presence in our lives. But then again, they must know the unique brand of difficult when it comes to a human life on a plane like ours where so much effort is required to do battle with negativity.

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