Other past lives

When I got my reading from Sebastian Lokason, I also got readings on two other past lives, in addition to the reading on my first past life. He usually does readings on about three past lives in a past life reading. I asked if he could try to do additional readings on important lives.
These are the other two past lives I got readings on:

Past life #1:

In this lifetime you were human, and born into a time when many were very poor and suffered from it, the quality of life was much lower for people, and society was much less progressive than it is now. I’m seeing medieval times, but I’m not sure exactly when in medieval history – sometime between 1300s-1600s, in Europe. You were one of the few truly well-off people; you fell in love with one of your family’s servants, who you saw as a sensitive, creative person rather than just someone poor and unlearned, and wanted to better his social status, but when you became intimate with him, you found out that he was very bad for you and to you – he was abusive to you, and caused your death via an “accident” that was him physically assaulting you (I want to say throwing you from a high place). This man may have reincarnated as an ex-partner of yours, whether in this lifetime or a subsequent lifetime. He may POSSIBLY have been connected with the magician whose soul piece fused with your traumatized soul piece and created the Saboteur, lifetimes prior.

Past life #2:

In this lifetime you were human again.  You were the only daughter of a wealthy, powerful influential family.  When you were young, you had to move because of your father’s job (he had some sort of political position, not sure what).  When you came of age, you fell for a man who was a member of a rival family and you were cautioned against getting involved with him and chose to not take that advice and get involved with him anyway.  He used this as a way in to sabotage your family, finding a way to steal funds and bankrupt all of you, and pin the blame on your father.  Your marriage to this man failed – I might add that while the choice of mate was unwise, his actions were his own, so none of this is to victim-blame you for what he did, his actions were not your fault.  You asked him to at least consider that he also was hurting the children, and he would not.  You began working to support yourself and your children and were treated badly (working in the old-times equivalent of a sweatshop; this may have been early 1900s) and you never felt safe again.


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2 Responses to Other past lives

  1. Reading your past lives is both intense and really cool. Thank you for sharing them! Does any of it resonate with you, sound familiar or explain a fear or behavior you have in this life? I hope to get a reading done one day, very curious.

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