My first past life

I asked Sebastian Lokason for another past life reading, asking if he could specifically find out about my first past life. It turned out to be a very ancient first life.
This is the reading I got:

Prince of Disks
9 of Disks (Gain)
4 of Disks (Power) inverted
The Sun
9 of Cups (Happiness)
The Emperor
4 of Wands (Completion)
The Hierophant inverted
3 of Disks (Works) inverted
The Tower inverted

In this first lifetime you were male (Prince of Disks) and born before the Vanir and Jotnar split into two separate species, so you could either be considered elven or Jotun depending on Who you asked Over There. You were born into a family that was gaining power and influence in the realm (Gain), and you were put in a sort of chieftain position, governing a territory within what is now Jotunheim, before you were ready for it (Power inverted). At first it seemed like this was genuinely the right thing for you and you were happy and your people prospered (The Sun, Happiness, The Emperor, Completion). But you listened too much to advisors who did not have your best interests at heart (The Hierophant inverted), wound up victimized by their corrupt dealings (Works inverted), and were eventually murdered by one of your advisors (The Tower inverted). I can’t get a lock on exactly what happened except it was with regards on how to handle disputes and property, that others began giving you bad advice, and the advisors began taking bribes as well as paying off problematic people to stop what they were doing, who then became more powerful and influential as a result. You were stabbed to death by a poisonous blade when you thought you were by yourself.


About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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2 Responses to My first past life

  1. Lokakisa says:

    So you got a second reading to drill down into that life specifically? I was thinking of doing the same for my past Vanic life but wasn’t sure, Seb seems so busy and overwhelmed…

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