Past lives

When I got the reading on the past life about how the Saboteur was created, by Sebastian (Nornoriel) Lokason, I also got information about two other past lives:

Past life #1
In this lifetime you were female; you had a twin sister.  This was another non-human lifetime – I am definitely getting the sense of Ljossalfar this time, and this was a lifetime where you stayed with your own people.  Either you or your sister would inherit your mother’s throne; whichever of you married first.  You met Loki and fell in love.  He and you learned magick from each other.  There was a ritual gone wrong but you and he worked to correct it and in doing so made things better.  It was decided that even though you married first, your magickal talent meant you would better serve as your sister’s priestess rather than queen.  Your magickal work, with Loki’s help, helped the kingdom significantly and you and he lived for a very long time in happiness. You died of natural causes at a very old age.  Ljossalfar are quite old when they die, in the high thousands.

Past life #2
In this lifetime you were male.  You were human.  You were born during a time and place that experienced war and you saw much of your family die, leaving you an orphan, and fairly traumatized. For you to survive and not be killed with the rest of your family, you assumed a new identity.  You were a very sensitive, emotional, creative man and life was very hard for you.  You fell in love with another man and started a relationship with him during a time when society disapproved of homosexuality.  The relationship ended badly and you sunk into a deep depression, eventually ending your own life.


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1 Response to Past lives

  1. Sophia says:

    The last one, that was sad and tore my heart to pieces, since I experienced something almost similiar. :c

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