The Saboteur, part 1

When Loki first told me (via a Lokean friend with a godphone) about the Saboteur, early in 2012, I thought it was a Jungian shadow archetype. It turned out to be something quite different. Then Loki told me that it is a malevolent, parasitic entity which had been created by a trauma in a previous life; the trauma causing a sharding of my soul, and the shard became the Saboteur. Loki called the Saboteur a “he”. I’m calling the Saboteur an “it”; it’s creepy enough as it is…

During a recent channeling of Loki done by Nornoriel, I was told that the Saboteur is hell bent on ruining me and destroying my relationship with Loki. I didn’t know why until I had a past life reading done by Nornoriel (see part 2).
I was told that whatever was going on with the Saboteur was really strong; it was definitely doing a serious amount of damage to my chakras and was draining life force energy. (It may be the cause of the sharding I had healed in Berlin; 14 soul pieces were retrieved.) It also seems to feed on my misery and has influenced me into doing self-harm. I think it has contributed to worsening my mental health problems.

I didn’t notice the Saboteur until about March 2012.
Then it started talking to me and sexually harass me.
I wondered why it had grown so strong, and I had a deity (Loki) channeling done by Nornoriel:
“Loki says that the Saboteur had gained enough energy from feeding on you over the years (He said that this entity has been attached to you since the beginning of this incarnation, like a parasite) that it finally got strong enough to start doing these things to you. He’s  giving me a mental image of the entity growing and growing and growing, feeding on the energy over time, feeding on you through the attachments in your chakras, kind of like how a tree or plant feeds via the roots. It finally got big and strong enough to start talking to you and sexually harassing you.”

It sexually harassed me several times in 2012. I thought it was Loki; at that time I couldn’t sense any difference in energies around me, I couldn’t tell Who was near me. I couldn’t “see” or “hear” Loki when this happened, I just felt His presence as warmth, so I didn’t know it was the Saboteur impersonating Loki. It sent unpleasant sexual energies into my root chakra, and when I tried to lie down to meditate or lie down to sleep, it would try to have sex with me. I asked “Loki” to stop, and “He” didn’t, so I threatened with cutting myself if “He” didn’t stop. “He” didn’t, so I did. It was only when I told my Lokean friend about this that Loki told me it had been the Saboteur. It influenced my mind, making me think it was Loki, and it influenced my mind, giving me the idea to self-harm.

It was the Saboteur that broke my connection to Loki (and other gods) in May 2012.

The Saboteur has rooted itself in my chakras, making it very hard for me to connect with my psychic abilities, and also was very hard to remove.
It has also rooted itself in my Big Block – which is a blockage that was created by a sexual trauma in a previous life, possibly in my prior to this incarnation’s life.
So, removing the roots of the Saboteur is a very difficult and complicated surgical procedure, because of how connected it is to my chakras and etheric body. Its hooks into my chakras are deep and because it had direct access to me it was easier for it to assault me and attack me.
The surgical procedure is something that Loki’s not trained to do and He’s worried about causing me potential harm. He has tried to remove it, but it was too complicated to do on His own.
In 2012 Loki got help from Odin and Freyr in working on the Big Block and removing the Saboteur, but They didn’t succeed.
Loki has told me recently (via channeling) that we need help of Someone trained in healing and parasitic removal, like Eir or Hel, or the Serpent tribe of the Vanir as they are specifically trained to do this sort of work.
Loki is a very powerful magician but there are limits to his abilities and he told me this requires a healer.
Loki also said that He is on it. He said that me praying to Eir and/or Hel and making offerings WILL help – every bit counts.  He says that the more energy that goes into fighting the Saboteur – such as through these actions like praying to Eir or Hel and making offerings, which is giving Them energy – will help.  He said that the work that was done recently (the healing session in Berlin) did some significant damage to the Saboteur and has lessened some of its hold and influence.  He thinks it can be defeated and killed given time.

The origins of the Saboteur is described in part 2.


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6 Responses to The Saboteur, part 1

  1. SuzyLL says:

    Thank you for sharing this. After being encouraged by Loki to develop a relationship with Hela (a a little more then1yr or so ago) I absolutely feel spiritually “healthier”. 🙂 Hail Mighty Hela!

  2. cydira says:

    Wow! reading this gave me chills. because that sounds *very* familiar to somethings that i have experienced. i think this may be something i need to investigate. thank you for sharing. i suspect you may have helped me figure out a big part of a problem i have been struggling with over the years.

  3. How frightening! I’m so sorry. 😦

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