Poem: “Loki speaks to Nidhoggr”

Loki speaks to Nidhoggr:

I did not speak a word those days,
each smile was naught but deepest pain
for the awl of the cruel dwarf
had coldly pierced my lips

Yet my smile, it disappeared
like the dreams did from my soul –
a pain that numbed each word and thought
suddenly pierced my heart.

In a fire, grey and dead
I found a heart
that once did beat for me,
so proud that it defied the flames.

Heart of a giantess that froze
when they tore away her children
and condemned her to endure
a life in darkest loneliness.

I knelt down in the ashes cold,
devoured the heart in one strong kiss,
yearning to warm it once again,
to fill it with new life.

My lips did heal in that long kiss
that soothed my hunger
and my emptiness
for but a moment short.

A fire ripened within me,
an elemental force
from an old time that knew no gods
for no world bore a name.

I longed for home in all my pain,
home to the great mother’s womb,
deep into the earth’s dark heart
where lies the cradle of each well.

There I created life from death,
a miracle in darkest hour,
bore from my black emptiness
the ancient flame anew.

I am a man – the mother of a dragon
great and tremendous like the force
that once created all the gods,
might that my wife bore in her blood.

Dark is the garment of the beast,
dark like the earth’s deep dream,
like a sky that knows no stars
that leaves each path untold.

And yet the light in his great eyes
is far brighter than the sun,
the fire of his holy breath
warms Yggdrasil’s fair roots.

His body wreathes around the fountain
that is the mother of each well
so that no ice, no cruel cold
can spoil that precious gift.

From the corpses, cold and pale
of people who were weak
he draws the pain, the bitterness,
forges new energy.

He licks the scars and drinks the pain,
his breath burns all the pain
and infamy from weary souls
that never found true love.

No, he finds no delight in grief,
he does not feast on tears.
No joy he feels when he does sense
the loneliness of men.

He melts the long forgotten souls
who for their weakness were disdained
and purifies them with his fire,
creates them new in ancient kind.

He is the elemental fire,
magic, matter, life and shape
that is not and is not yet –
new beginning born of death.

And I am Loki,
I am a god,
father and mother
and the dragon, too.

Eight long years of darkest gloom,
eight years of lonely pain
eight years that I did nourish him,
the dragon I brought forth.

Dragon son and shadow daughter,
who fears your power is a fool
for he does not know your magic
and the good things that you do!

–Franziska Feist

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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