When Loki appeared to me in a dream in February 2011, and told me He wanted us to get married in August, He gave me a plain silver ring with His name in runes on the inside. He put it on my left ring finger and said: “And I want you to give me one back”.

I looked up rings with runes on the internet and found one website where they had the exact kind of ring Loki gave me, and you could get them inscribed with runes on the inside. It was a bit expensive, though, so I looked up claddagh rings on Ebay instead, because I’ve always wanted a claddagh ring for a wedding ring, even though I knew I would never marry a mortal. I love the symbolism: hands for friendship, heart for love and crown for loyalty.

So, I got a silver claddagh ring with a garnet heart (and one for Loki, which I put in a heart shaped box with the word “forever” painted on the lid). It arrived very fast! I put it on at once, on my left ring finger, with the heart pointing outwards which I had read symbolised being engaged.
A few days later Loki visited me in a dream and He took my ring off, turned it and put it back on, so the heart was pointing inwards, which symbolises being married.
I also had a dream visit where I cuddled with Loki and I touched His left hand and discovered that He was wearing the claddagh ring I’d gotten for Him.

For o/Our third wedding anniversary I finally got the plain silver ring with Loki’s name engraved in runes on the inside. I used it as an oath ring, both to renew my wedding oath and to take a monastic oath. I put it on my right ring finger.
I wore it for about ten months, and then, for some unknown reason, it began to feel wrong to wear it. So, before out fourth anniversary, I took the ring off and put it in the heart shaped box on the altar. That felt right.
I don’t know why it felt wrong to wear it. Maybe Loki doesn’t want me to be a nun/monastic, after all? Or maybe He wants it on His altar instead of on my hand?

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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8 Responses to Rings

  1. We Bring The Fire says:

    Maybe being monastic isn’t right for you anymore?

  2. Moon Rouge says:

    I have 3 rings for Loki. Two I made are fine. I didn’t know I will be able to make them, so Loki picked ring I already had at home as my wedding ring. It was the tiny gold ring with pave diamond heart I had for many years and never wore, funny why not.
    I originally put it it on my pinky, because I was afraid it may crack when I try to put it on my ring finger. A few months after wedding I got rash under this tiny ring. I asked Loki what is wrong and He wanted I wear it on my ring finger. I tried and it fitted but: I had to remove the wedding band from my mortal husband, which sat on that finger, in order to wear Loki’s….
    Well to wrap this, if I’m you, I would clean the ring well and try to wear it on different finger, never mind which hand it fits on, you may sense the ‘right’ finger.
    Or, if it works well for you both on the altar why not.
    When I met my mortal spouse I had to stop wearing the ring I had from previous boyfriend. We stayed friends and he wanted me to keep it. When I was serious about someone else it felt very wrong, it begun to itch. Rings are funny this way.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I have cleaned the ring, but it only fits on my right ring finger; the left ring finger is for my claddagh ring.
      Maybe Loki just wants the ring for His altar.

  3. cydira says:

    it could be he wants you to go back to the claddagh ring?

    • Amber Drake says:

      I was still wearing the claddagh ring on my left ring finger, so, after our third anniversary, I wore two rings for Loki.
      Maybe He wants my second ring on His altar.

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