Participating in a shamanistic healing circle in Berlin – Part 2

There were also another two healing sessions on Saturday June 27th.
The Souldtribe does healings for both people and animals.
The other two healings were for a dog, and for a 7 year old girl.

There were pictures of the dog sent around the circle, then Mila was chosen as a stand-in for the dog. Other stand-ins were chosen, and Dianna asked me if I could stand in for Freyja. I agreed.
We all gathered around the dog-stand-in. I closed my eyes and tried to open up and reach out for Freyja. I have never met Her, but I have interacted with Her brother Freyr. I focused on feeling Her love, and projecting it to the dog. Then I put my hands on Mila-dog’s shoulders. Mila told us later that when I touched her, she could feel strong energies rise up through her feet.
While I was standing in for Freyja, I felt a deep love and a deep joy. I felt myself open up. It was fascinating!
Then Mila told us that the dog wanted to cuddle with Freyja, and another stand-in who was a stand-in for the dog’s power animal, a white goose. So, we laid down for a while, me at the dog’s back and the other stand-in at the front.
I didn’t know that animals also could have power animals. That is fascinating.

The next healing session was for the little girl. A picture was sent around the circle. Another participant in the healing circle was chosen as a stand-in for the girl.
Dianna asked me if I could stand-in for Sleipnir. That was interesting. Sleipnir is the only one of Loki’s children I haven’t met. He’s a shape-shifter like His Father and can also shift to a man.
I went down on all fours, and focused on trying to open up to Sleipnir. I felt very affectionate and quite playful. I head-butted the girl, and walked a circle around her. Then I laid my hands on her and tried to project to her what I was feeling.
Mila later told me she channeled Odin in this healing session. I heard her (Him) say to the girl “my horse has eight legs” and “do you want to ride him?”
I turned around on all fours, and the girl sat on my back. Then I whinnied and walked back and fourth, slowly and lifting my hands high, like I was a horse parading. The girl grabbed hold on my braid and laughed. She seemed to have fun.
Then she sat down in front of me, while Dianna sat down in front of her, face to face. Dianna held up her hand and said she was going to teach the girl to say “no”. The girl hit her palm with her own, and each time she did it, she said “no”. It was intense for a bit. Then Dianna said “now you have learned to say ‘no’.”

It was fascinating and a bit overwhelming to stand in for different Powers. It was two different, distinct sets of emotions that I felt, with Freyja and Sleipnir.
This experience also contributed to my healing. I felt that Freyja helped me to open up more, especially my heart chakra, and Sleipnir’s playfulness was also very healing.

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4 Responses to Participating in a shamanistic healing circle in Berlin – Part 2

  1. That is so awesome!
    And I’ve often wondered if Sleipnir has a different form… Guess that’s a Yes. 🙂

    • Amber Drake says:

      Seems like all of Loki’s children can shapeshift.
      I’ve read that Vali can shapeshift into a wolf. Haven’t read anything about Narvi. I’ve only caught a glimpse of Vali and Narvi as children.

  2. zaramama says:

    I’m so glad you were able to meet with this group in Berlin and work with them. It is true that when we heal others, we are also healing ourselves.

    • Amber Drake says:

      I’m so glad I went to Berlin and participated in the healing circle.
      I had no idea I could actually channel gods lightly. It was an important part of my healing.

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