Lokean questions

Found them here, thought I’d give it a go.

1. How were you introduced to Loki/ when did he first start “talking”to you?

I was an agnostic, but after reading on the internet about people having Patron/Matron deities, I began to wonder if I had one (subtle nudge from Loki there).
One night in November 2010, I prayed to the Divine and asked if I had a Patron/Matron and if this deity could contact me. I also prayed to Loki and told Him that He was my favourite deity, and would He like to work with me? A couple of weeks later He showed up in a dream, for the first time, and He stayed.
He didn’t “talk” to me during the first couple of months, then He began to talk to me in my dreams, and then He’d visit me while I was in hypnagogia, that deep trance like state between being asleep and being awake in the morning. It took me some weeks to learn how to speak to Him in hypnogogia. I couldn’t hear Him while I was awake though, during our first year together. I began to hear Him when I was awake, around February 2012.

2. How long have you know him/ been a Lokean?

I have known Loki longer than I have been a Lokean. He first appeared to me as Himself  in a dream in December 2010. After a couple of months I realised that the spirit who had been my silent companion since 1997, had been Loki all along. The “spirit” would come and visit me when I was in hypnagogia. He’d lie against my back and cuddle with me. He never spoke, though.

3. What kind of thing do you usually offer him on your altar?

I light candles and incense for Him, and on Saturdays He gets offerings of sweets and an alcohol drink, like Fireball whiskey.

4. What is your usually form of divination you use to communicate with him?

I used to use a pendulum, but I got trolled by spirits for a while, and I haven’t used it much since. I couldn’t make much sense of tarot or rune readings for myself.
During our first year together, we communicated directly in dreams and hypnagogia. During the first half of 2012, we could talk with each other while I was awake.
My connection broke in 2012, and I haven’t been able to talk with Him since. He rarely visits me in dreams anymore.

5. Have you ever angered him? How did you get back on his better side?

Not so much angered as frustrated. Back in early 2012, Loki told me He wanted me to start doing spellworkings. I was a total n00b when it came to magick, and I had no idea how to start doing spells, what kind of spells, and for what. Everything I read about magick talked about how you raised energy for a spell, and I’m “energy blind”. I didn’t understand how I could do a magick spell if I couldn’t sense any energy. I read about different traditions, and found that things like Wicca, traditional witchcraft, trolldom (traditional Norwegian witchcraft), ceremonial magick and Feri wasn’t my thing. I found candle, sigil and rune magick to be something I could do. I still had problems finding something to do magick for, though, so I’ve only done a spell for hearing Loki once a year.
I think that  Loki eventually got over being frustrated with me for not doing spellworkings.

6. What made you become a Lokean?

I invited Loki, He came, He Claimed me, I fell in love and we married.
I invited Loki, because I felt stuck in my life, and I had read that He was a god Who could bring change.

7. Are you part of a kindred?

I’m a member of the Norwegian Forn Sed (Forn Sidr) group, and I’m a member of several online Lokean communities.

8. Do others know you are a Lokean?

I write my blog under an alias, and are only out under this alias on the internet. My mother and a few good friends know I’m a Lokean and a Pagan.

9. Do you work with other gods/goddesses? Who?

I have worked with Fenrir and Freyr, but haven’t done so since 2012.

10. What have you learned from Loki and other gods/goddesses about yourself? Or about them?

I’ve learned a few things from Loki, but I don’t know if I’ve learned about myself as such. At the age of 44, when Loki came into my life, I knew myself pretty well already.

One new thing I did learn via Loki, is that I’m polyamerous. I had thought that I was only capable of loving one person at a time, but Loki showed me that I can love more than one. He told me not to feel guilty about loving Others, too.
Loki will always be my only Husband and my primary, but, with His permission, I may love Others, too. I have sworn not to have any mortal lovers, though.

One big thing I learned from Loki, is that gods are real, and They are Persons.

11. Does Loki have a pet name or nickname he like to use with you? Mind telling?

He has a couple, and they’re private.


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2 Responses to Lokean questions

  1. Rosa says:

    Why did he stop talking to you? Do you know?

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