TPE – Deity and the Divine – Hymn to Loki

Share your favorite invocation or devotional to the Deity of your choice.


Hail to my lord, flickering flame of Ásgarð,
Burning brand of Jotunheim. Hail to you,
Laufey´s son, Scar-lip, Sky-traveler, Giants´-son,
Mother of Sleipnir, Wolf´s-sire, father of Hela and Jormungand.

Hail to you, Shapeshifter, skilled thief and magician,
Always surprising with your sly, bold ways;
Bringer of unforeseen gifts, bringer of changes,
Bringer of endings and new beginnings.

Hail, my beloved, who speaks brazen truths.
Dazzling, daring, delightful Fool and Trickster,
Your speech stings the unwary like shards of shattered mirror.
Your cunning cuts deep as a drawn and deadly sword.

Hail to you, Flame-hair, Ás-consort of Angrboða,
Beloved husband of Sigyn, Oðinn´s true blood-brother,
Ŧorr´s friend and companion, lover of goddesses and giants,
Brilliant, bright-eyed, too beautiful to resist.

Hail to you, ever-defiant Breaker-of-Worlds,
Wielding your own wyrd, faithful to your sworn word,
Mindful of your honor, with honor accorded by few,
Enduring the world´s scorn until the Nine Worlds´ end.

Hail Loki, lightning-born child of the Iron Wood.
Fire of my heart, fire of my soul´s hearth,
Swift-footed Elder Kin, bright as the burning stars,
Dark as the deep forest standing fearsome in shadow.

Hail Loki, Laufey´s son, flickering flame of Ásgarð,
Burning brand of Jotunheim. Hail to you,
Clever stealer of treasures, wild Father-of-Monsters,
Ever changing the world, now and forever.

–Elizabeth Vongvisith

About Amber Drake

AKA Darkamber.
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