Why I Am Not an Heathen (Though I Kind of Wish That I Could Be)

I thought this was a very good blog post.
I don’t feel like I fit in within Heathenry, since so many Heathens dismiss UPG and God-touched people out of hand.
Since I’m a member of the Norwegian Forn Sed (Forn Sidr), I call myself a Forn Sidr Pagan, or just an Old Norse Faith Pagan.

Pagan Church Lady

This (long) post has been a long time coming.  I’ve referenced my feelings about personal background and development in some other articles and have been spending a lot of time trying to explore myself in relation to the modern Pagan movement and Heathenry.  Although the title was inspired by Bertrand Russel’s piece “Why I am Not A Christian” I won’t, as he does, seek to deconstruct the idea of a particular deity.  I will, as he does, explain why the values expressed in the religion in question do not fit mine, and why that leaves me in a difficult place.

Let me begin by explaining that I’ve had a love for the Aesir and Vanir since childhood.  I first read of them in children’s fiction when I was four or five and rapidly advanced to reading more adult storybooks about them.  Later on I discovered source material like the Eddas…

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4 Responses to Why I Am Not an Heathen (Though I Kind of Wish That I Could Be)

  1. Ly says:

    I don’t really fit in as a heathen either. Many of them, especially hard recons, have no interest in actual interaction with the gods and look down on those who do. 😦

    • Amber Drake says:

      It’s like they’re happy playing modern Vikings re-enactment, but don’t believe that it’s possible to have any personal contacts with the gods.

      • moonfire2012 says:

        This is exactly why I didn’t join that kindred in Idaho, because they were practitioners but didn’t have or believe in any personal interaction with the Gods. It made me very uncomfortable to be in the group so I left.

        • Amber Drake says:

          I don’t understand how it’s possible not to believe in personal interactions with gods, when the old myths and sagas are filled with stories of the gods interacting with mortals.

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