The intuitive tag

A challenge that has floated around blogs, 15 questions about intuitive ability and spirituality.

1. Share your first paranormal experience that comes to mind.

I must’ve been about 13. Our cat had died, and one day I was sitting at the dining table, drawing, I suddenly saw him walk into the dining room from the kitchen, from the corner of my eye. I was quite spooked.

2. Have you ever had a premonition?

Not exactly a premonition, but I had a dream where one of my old friends, who I hadn’t been in touch with for a few years, had ended up in a hospital. A few weeks later I heard from another friend, who had heard it from an acquaintance, that my old friend had been committed to a hospital. I was stunned, remembering the dream.

When I was younger I sometimes knew which song was going to play on the radio, before it was played.

3. When did you get your first Tarot or Oracle deck? What deck was it?

I bought my first Tarot deck in my early 20s. It was the Toth Tarot.

4. What element do you connect with the most?

I’ve always been drawn to fire. I’m an Aries, so fire is my element astrologically, too.
I love to see the flames burning on a candle or a bonfire.
Some of my fondest memories are from LARPs I’ve attended, where we sat around a bonfire in the evening, told stories and made up songs.
When I imagine my soul, I imagine a dancing fire.

5. Do you believe in Faeries?

We don’t have Faeries as such in Scandinavia, but we have the hidden people, who live in hills, mountains, and under the earth, and we have elves in the old Norse faith.

6. Do you prefer the Moon or the Sun?

I like both. I used to be more nocturnal when I was younger, and I preferred the moon. As I got older, I’ve come to appreciate the sun and sitting and soaking up it’s light and warmth.

7. What is your favourite Crystal or Stone?

Amber. It is a stone that can contain traces of the past, like insects trapped in it.
I also love amethyst, moonstone and obsidian.

8. Can you see spirits/spiritual beings?

Not with my physical eyes. I used to be able to see images of Loki, which He sent me, with my mind’s eye.

9. Would you rather be able to fly on a broomstick, breathe under water, make things grow fast, or control fire?

I’d love to be able to fly, but controlling fire sounds great, too.

10. What is the animal totem that you feel most connected to?

Well, I’m very fond of cats and bats. I think cats are what I feel most connected to.

11. What is your first animal/spirit totem?

I don’t have one. I had a very vivid dream once, though, about shapechanging into a panther, and I remember the fierce joy of running across a large plain.

12. Tell us about your first spirit guide?

I had a spirit companion, not a guide. He appeared to me in early 1998. He used to lie and cuddle with me when I half woke up in the morning. He never spoke to me.
It wasn’t until I had invited Loki into my life in 2010 that I realised He had been my spirit companion.

13. Do you feel more connected to the stars or the Earth?

When I was younger, I used to yearn for the stars. I wished I could travel to other solar systems and visit other planets with intelligent species.
I used to like playing out in the forest, which was near my home, when I lived in a small mountain town, and I loved the mountains. I felt more connected to the Earth when I lived in that town.
Now I’m an urban Pagan, and I don’t feel that connected to the Earth any more. I’m happy where I am, and don’t yearn for the stars any more, either.

14. What is your preferred method of blessing/cleansing?

For a minor cleansing, water and salt. For a medium cleansing, boiling salt and rosemary in water, and using it when it is cool to wash the object or myself. For a major cleansing, boiling salt and mugwort in water.
I bless objects by laying it for one night on Loki’s altar and asking Him to bless it.

15. What colour do you feel most spiritually connected to?

Blue as in sapphire blue. I also like purple as in amethysts, and crimson.
I dress only in black. (Yeah, I’m an old goth. 🙂 )


Tag, you’re it! Feel free to copy the questions to your own blog. 🙂




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2 Responses to The intuitive tag

  1. bluehufsa says:

    Careful.. when you say “paranormal” in a post you must expect a lot of atheists calling you names

    • Amber Drake says:

      My blog is filled with UPG and “woo” stuff, enough to be called names by atheists, but I don’t think an atheist would be interested in reading my blog.
      Besides, I can handle name calling. 🙂

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