TPE – Deity and the divine

These are my belief and theories:

I believe that the universe was created by the Divine, from Its own essence. The Divine is both inside and outside of our universe. Maybe It has created multiple universes that exist alongside each other. Why did the Divine create the universe? Maybe to know itself better?
Everything in the universe and on all the different planes has a tiny shard, a spark, of the Divine in it.
The Divine created mortal life and nature spirits and the gods. I believe that humans both evolved, and were nudged into creation by the Divine. Beneficial mutations during millions of years may be the nudge of the Divine.

I believe in reincarnation. Our souls are a tiny spark of the Divine.
The gods are larger sparks of the Divine, and They exist on a higher plane of existence than us mortals, and are closer to the Divine. Do the gods pray to a higher Power? Do They pray to the Divine?
I’m a hard polytheist, so I believe that the gods are separate individuals with separate personalities.
There are several planes of existence. There is the mortal plane, the spirit or astral plane, and the plane where the gods exists, and probably more planes.
The gods can reach down to the lower planes with tendrils of Themselves, and thus interact with us on the astral plane or on the mortal plane. This means that They can multilocate and interact with many of Their worshippers simultaneously.
I believe that if a mortal were to experience the whole of a deity, it would be too much, too intense, to survive.

I’ve read a theory that the gods have higher and lower aspects, in addition to their different roles or jobs. I find it quite interesting.
Imagine a diagram with a horizontal and a vertical line.
On the horizontal line are Their different roles or jobs. If you call on a god by a certain aspect, that is what you will get. If two different people call on Loki without specifying the aspect, they might get two different aspects of Him.
On the vertical line is the higher and lower aspects. In the lower aspect the gods are subjective and personal, while in the higher aspect They are more objective and impersonal. The lower aspect is the most human-like aspect, and the gods can be fallible and make mistakes, but this is the aspect where They can love intensely and passionately and give personal attention to Their worshippers.
If you marry a god, you marry Them in Their lower aspects, according to this theory. I believe though, that you can sometimes interact with your Spouse in His/Her higher aspect. It is in the higher aspect that the gods have the full view of your wyrd (fate) and orlog (destiny).

The gods exist both inside linear time, and outside of time.
The gods can interact on a spiritual plane in their lower aspects and within linear time, and this creates the stories we have about Them, which They give to Their worshippers as gnosis. The Heathen lore was once someone’s unverified personal gnosis (UPG), which became shared personal gnosis (SPG).
The gods are not static, or unchangeable. They must have a lot of new stories, things They have experienced during a thousand years of Christianity. They may no longer have the same relationships with each other as They did when the lore was written down. I believe that there might also be new gods, descendants of the gods we know about, who are as yet unnamed.

So, yeah, these are some of my beliefs and theories.

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9 Responses to TPE – Deity and the divine

  1. Reblogged this on journeyintoinsanity and commented:
    I was thinking about this concept of different aspects of the Gods/Goddesses, and I wonder if perhaps my lack of progress with my issue is because I’ve been calling to Them in Their lower aspects. (Calling for Loki my spouse or Thor, Sigyn, and Fenrir my friends as opposed to Their powerful Divine aspects.) Maybe if I asked for Their assistance in Their higher aspect, it would turn out more successfully.

  2. Moon Rouge says:

    My pagan experience is most definitely not developed this well. I embraced the simple approach and and it will take me while to expand.
    I read a lot about many different views an ways, often have hard time to adapt them as mine the way they are served. This may change.
    My worst blog is my own imagination. When something doesn’t click within me, my subconscious let me ‘see’ funny images or some other ways builds a barrier preventing to embrace the idea.
    I hope I was not hurting in any way your view with my comment on forum. Sometimes I put my foot to my mouth.
    This was the article I mentioned:

    Click to access a-comment-on-kaldera-on-henotheism2.pdf

    For what you wrote here, it may interest you, as it is more recent than “What the Norns Told Me”
    I got there via here:

    • Amber Drake says:

      That was an interesting article.

      I believe that the gods remain separate and individual in Their higher aspects. On the higher aspect They are Powers, while on Their lower aspects are Persons.
      I believe that the gods, regardless of aspect are not all-knowing or all-powerful. I think They are more likely to be fallible in Their lower aspects, but I don’t think They are infallible in Their higher aspects.

  3. Moon Rouge says:

    I believe gods are unique and separate beings on any level. I go by ‘how I feel’ more than ‘what I know’. I still have to chew on axis, and how personal or impersonal Powers are. I would like to think they don’t loose all personal aspect along the way to higher self. The article was interesting, but at the end I got the feeling it is building a disguised bridge from hard polytheism to soft one. However, I know very little to say this. I also think the all-knowing god was created by Christianity to assure obedience.

    • Amber Drake says:

      Maybe the difference is being objective and have a much higher view of things like wyrd and orlog of their worshippers in higher aspects, and being more subjective and passionate in lower aspects? I don’t know. I’m just pondering this. I like to think about things and try to come up with theories 🙂
      I don’t think gods blur in their higher aspects. I too believe that they are separate beings regardless of aspect.
      I agree with you on the Christian or Abrahamic god. I don’t think he is all-knowing or all-powerful either.

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