Notes from the meditative breathing class

Some really good breathing techniques. Worth a try!

Blackbirds At Night

This blog entry is a very basic outline of what I learned in the meditative breathing class that I recently attended. I found it fascinating and extremely helpful. It’s based on the premise of understanding that our physical bodies are simply vessels for our souls and that we share a soul-connection with everyone on the planet. (Disclaimer: This is a rehash of what I learned. I didn’t develop any of these techniques! They are NOT mine. I did, however, add a few notes here and there which I identified as my personal thoughts.) Enjoy!

When we exhale, we are essentially dying. It is the last action we take before our souls leave this life. But as we inhale, we live again, mimicking our birth and entry into this life. So, as we inhale, we take in life force and the energy around us. Think about that for a moment. If we…

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